Friday, August 14, 2015

Uncle Jerry and Aunt Marilyn Visit!

We are SOOOOO blessed to have Uncle Jerry and Aunt Marilyn visit us from Michigan while Papa and Grammie are here from Arizona! 
They will be here for a few days!
Woo hoo!
First things first . . . .
visit "Roxi," the super special national show goat. :-)
 Then . . . .eating time!
Papa and Grammie brought lots of yummy ham and potato salad!

 Before dinner, when Lydia came over,
she mentioned that Richie had just got called out on a fire call.
So, he would be coming later, after he helped put out the fire.
A little while later,
Richie was able to come over,
and drove the fire truck!
That was really fun to see the big truck coming up our hill,
and then going back down,
so he could back into our narrow driveway!
 He didn't get very far from the truck,
when the boys came running to see it.
 So he turned around, and was happy to show it off to them. :-) 
 We sure do love this guy and are SO grateful for him . . . .
in SOOOOO many ways!
(His efforts to help keep our rural town's people and their property safe with his
volunteer firefighting is a big one, amongst many other things!!!!) 

It even drew out some neighbors!
 This is the first time that Uncle Jerry and Aunt Marilyn have had a chance to meet Richie.
They already feel like they know him though, as they faithfully prayed so much for him from afar during his cancer treatment.
They were so happy to finally see him!
 Uncle Jerry is a retired Fire Captain,
and his two sons are also firemen in Michigan.
So, he and Richie have a special bond in this way too!
Oh, and then the puppies joined the party! :-)
  The parade back to the house after all the excitement!
 But then,
we had Richie and Lydia's fun popcorn machine to fire up!
And Grammie brought her special, delicious homemade fudge to go along with the popcorn!
Double YUM!!!!


Lydia said...

Wonderful pictures, as always! You do such a great job of documenting special moments and events :-) Glad you got some neat pictures of the special firetruck appearance, that was pretty awesome! Love the one of the Bear with the hat probably weighs as much as he does! lol

The Bowes Family said...

Thanks so much, Lydia, for your encouragement! I do love trying to capture and document all these special moments. Richie surprising us with bringing the fire truck here was definitely an awesome experience!!! That was sooooo fun! Thanks so much to Richie for doing that! Love having you two here to share in all these special moments!!
Love you both so much!

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