Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day Two at the Beach with Papa and Grammie!

We miss you Valerie, very, very much!!!!!
 Mornin' swim time!
Another nice arm rest for Kyle! :-)

 Papa, the runner!!!
You didn't know he was such an athlete?

 Papa and Brielle having a good discussion.
 Grammie found this sand dollar for Ben.
He sure has been enjoying all the treasures found at the beach!
Papa and Ben going out to find more treasures on the beach.
Lots and lots of volleyball the last two days!  

 While Brielle enjoys the sand!

More volleyball pics!


 Papa and Ben coming back from the treasure hunting with lots of treasures!  
 Hmmm . . . . does Kyle look suspicious .  . . like he might be scheming something on an unsuspecting victim?

 Poor Victoria!

I think Victoria might be scheming up some plans of her own now,
for a certain someone who isn't so unsuspecting!!!!
 Enjoying the waves!
 What are they looking at?
 Is Kyle picking something up?
 Yes! What is it?
 A crab!!

 Lots of hitting the volleyball around with Papa and Grammie!
They're good!

 Ice-cream for dinner on the beach!!!!
 "Great idea, Daddy!"
 Papa:  "Are you really eating all the rest of the ice-cream right out of the container with a spoon?"
 Caroline:  "Yup!  Just like this!"
 Here, Kyle is being his sacrificial, chivalrous self,
by finishing every bit of the ice-cream for us,
so we didn't have to.
Built a hill for Papa, and dug a hole for Kyle . . .

Another wonderful day at the ocean and with Papa and Grammie!


Valerie Bowes said...

Yay!!! Thanks for another wonderful post with some many awesome pictures and captions! You do such a wonderful job, Mommy! I loved seeing what you all did yesterday! Looks like another glorious day on the beach. :)
You captured a lot of really fun "memory making" moments! My favorites are;
1. Kyle surprise attacking Victoria and "throwing" her in the water -so funny!
2. Caroline and Papa's ice cream exchange - so cute and great captions!
3. The hole for Kyle and mountain for Papa - that made me laugh so much! :)
All the volley ball in action pictures are great! And boy do I miss my little "chocolates!" You got some really good pictures of them! Speaking of good pictures, the one of Grammie and Caroline in front of the ocean is GORGEOUS!! It turned out so beautiful and so neat that they were wearing the exact same color. Two very special, beautiful and sweet ladies!
Thanks so much taking and posting all these pictures, makes me feel like I was there.:)
Love you and looking forward to seeing you later today!

Kate said...

Oh, darling Brielle and poor Victoria! Looks like you all had a great day!

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