Sunday, August 23, 2015

This Weekend So Far . . . .

While the boys (minus the littlest one) in the family are away on their annual Father/Son outing,
having great success with their fishing/trapping and eating all things from the sea,
the girls are out at the SW WA Fair showing their meat goats!
They also, had super success yesterday!
(Mommy and B and B stayed home to keep watch on the farm.)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Thanks to Valerie for taking all these pictures!!

 Valerie drove out just for the afternoon to run some errands and catch their 4pm show time.
As she was happily watching, and taking pictures, in the end, it became apparent that Victoria and Caroline needed her to help show a goat in the Senior Champion Drive.
So, she did her good sisterly deed,
and jumped in the show ring with her dress clothes and flip flops,
to help out!
Afterwards, when Valerie was snapping the above photo with the judge,
the judge said, "Okay, now I need to get one of you three!"
 Junior Grand Champion doe, Yearling Grand Champion Doe, Senior Grand Champion Doe, Overall Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Doe and Junior Grand Champion buck.

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AZDonna said...

Wow, those girls raise some really awesome goats. Congratulations!!

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