Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Blueberry Festival 2015

We are very blessed to live in the land of blueberries!!  :-)
And once a year, this tiny, round blue berry gets rightly recognized,
and is assigned it's very own special weekend.
Here in Mossyrock, it's called the Blueberry Festival. 
We definitely think it's the perfect time to celebrate God's goodness in giving us blueberries! :-)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Saturday morning starts for us with the blueberry pancake breakfast at the local church.

 While we were stuffing ourselves with pancakes eating our pancakes,
Kyle's long-time friend, Abraham, came all the way from Chehalis to run in the 5K.
He then joined us for the parade afterwards.
We were so happy that Meemom and PapaBob were also able to join us at the parade!


 We were also blessed that our special friends from Seattle,
the Guion's, were able to join us at the parade. 
They came down for the week,
 and so we had fun visiting and eating homemade ice-cream with them at their cabin on Thursday night as well.
 Since the temperature was expected to be near 100 degrees or more,
we decided not to do too much else at the Festival,
and instead hit the water in the pontoon boat!
Kyle and Abe were going to play frisbee in town,
but when they heard of our plan to go to the lake,
they decided to join us!  Good call, guys!
We were glad Kyle was with us,
as we discovered the battery in the boat was dead after we had launched it in the water.
So, we had Kyle make the long walk back to our truck and take out its battery and bring it back to the boat.  He was a very good sport about it, and we were very, very grateful for his willingness to do that in the heat of the day!  And we were so thankful that it worked!
The pictures from all our boating fun will be coming by way of another video here soon!

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