Monday, August 24, 2015

Praying for and Thanking God for This Special Guy . . .

It's Richie's birthday today!!!
God has blessed all our lives sooooo good with this amazing, Godly man,
friend, and son/brother-in-love.
And we want him to know how very, very thankful we are for him,
in SOOOO many ways!
A few of the things we love about him so much, 
are that he smiles a lot, and makes us smile.  : -)
He's also just fun to be around and makes us laugh a lot.
But he is also very serious about loving and serving the Lord.
 And he has such a heart for people.
He lives out the Gospel every day, by being a light wherever he goes,
and by being a "doer" of the Word.
He faithfully and diligently walks in the good deeds the Lord has planned beforehand for him to do.
Besides working hard to serve his family,
he serves as a volunteer firefighter in our community.
(Here in our neck-of-the-woods,
where we don't have a fully staffed and funded fire dept.,
we depend on volunteers like him to help save lives and property from fire.
 And also with medical needs.) 
And Richie is just that kind of guy,
that goes out in the middle of the night,
or on super hot afternoons, after a long days' work,
when there are so many other things he could be doing,
to help others.
We are soooooo proud of you,
and love you sooooooo much!!!
We pray you have very, very blessed day and year ahead!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Please pray with us for Richie, and all the fire fighters that are risking their lives,
to fight the fires here in Washington and surrounding states. 
Pray also for the families that have already lost their courageous loved ones
in the battle. 
Just last week,
Richie served alongside many others in our community to fight this 175 acre fire,
just down the highway from us.
Pete Caster /
They think it was started by a tractor doing some work in a nearby field.
The fire was fast and furious,
and was also complicated by an 18,000 gallon propane tank on the property!
We praise the Lord that no lives were lost or injured!
And they were able to save the residence.  
Richie and Lydia (and their loved ones) were quite shaken by the magnitude of this one!
Thanks so much for praying with us for safety for all the workers near and far and for rain! :-)
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
A small contingent from the Bowes household surprising Richie with a birthday greeting
on the road to his work at 6:15 this morning! : -)


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