Saturday, August 15, 2015

More Special Times with Family!

We are having so much fun visiting with Uncle Jerry and Aunt Marilyn
and Papa and Grammie!
These are very special days for us!
We are lovin' every minute!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(Ha Ha . . .Brielle is getting used to the "Paparazzi" always being around!
I didn't even get her attention, and she's smiling for the camera! :-)
 Uncle Jerry was sharing with the boys how he does surf fishing in Florida.
 "A joyful heart is good medicine . . . "
Prov. 17:22a
Time to introduce the Fam. to Reverse Charades
The photos below are a few the many funny ones!

 Awwww . . . is Uncle Jerry giving Aunt Marilyn some lovin',
or something else???
 Go Papa!!!!
  Sometimes laughter just takes you over, and makes it hard to keep acting out!
 Go Timmy!  That's a really scary face!!
  Ewwwww!  Daddy's face is really scary too!
 Grammie really does love Papa very much! :-)
(On that note, they'll be celebrating their 52nd wedding anniversary in about one month! :-)

 Uh, oh!  Looks like Kyle is something stinky!!! ;-)


 Do they look like penguins to you??
Oh dear!  Innocent Uncle Jerry got pulled into this one!!!!
  Hint:  Caroline's acting out a certain character from Star Wars in the photo below . . . .
 Whoa . . . quite the two different motions here??????
  The next three are successive . . . .

 When all else fails, you can run and get a prop to point to!
 Sometimes even props aren't all that helpful.
Like in the photo below . . . .
Aunt Marilyn was stumped on "walkie talkie"
and even after seeing the prop,
the words came slowly to her mind of what that was!!! :-)
 Go Daddy!
Turns out  . . . .he's got quite the moves,
and an excellent "moon walk!" 
 What is Kyle doing????
Whatever Kyle is doing in the photo below,
it must be the right thing!
  That's all folks!!!
 Ah, too bad . . .
Papa Bob and Meemom missed the charades game!! :-)
But we're glad they joined us afterwards for some of Grammie's delicious chili!
We all enjoyed sitting around the table telling funny stories!
 Uncle Jerry had a special little bonding time with Benny,
rolling his soccer ball back and forth during a good bit of the discussion!


Lydia said...

Oh my goodness I just LOVE all of the Reverse Charades makes me laugh to see everyone being so crazy and having a great time!

The Bowes Family said...

Oh, I know! We just love Reverse Charades pictures! They make us laugh all over again! Playing Charades together sure makes for a very fun time and great memories! :-)
Love you!

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