Tuesday, July 11, 2017

This One's for Joe!

Our Joe is into all kinds of reptiles right now!   We recently took him to a reptile presentation at our local library.  These are a few of the critters that we saw . . ..  

A couple hours after this presentation,
there was another one (hosted by this man's son) in Chehalis. 
So, Joe wanted to go to that one too!
Since Daddy took him to that one, I wasn't there with my camera, but they told me that there were lots of different critters . . . like an alligator, a cobra and a rattlesnake and a Sulcata tortoise (like the one Joe owns).  Now he wants to go to their Reptile Zoo in Monroe, WA for his birthday! :-)

Monday, July 10, 2017

Bringing in the Hay and a Few Other Assorted July Happenings!

This past weekend, we were blessed to have a good friend bring his truck and big flatbed trailer to help us get our hay in!  We not only got all that we needed to get, but we were able to help the Tevises get their first little batch of bales in!  It was a ton of fun! 
(Easy for the photographer to say, huh?)  

Saturday morning, we got two trailer loads full, then Papa and Grammie came over for a nice long visit on the deck.  It sure was nice! 
Gloria got into some dirt . . .and then Victoria snapped this picture of her and Sadie! : -) 
The kids have been enjoying riding their horses into town for coffee a couple different times!

On Friday night, Caroline was asked to give a little talk at a pro-life event for high school students.  There were around 200 in attendance, and she did great! 
It still amazes me what the Lord has done in her life . . .to give her introverted self the ability speak in front of crowds so naturally!  Truly a special work of the Lord! : -) 

Sunday morning church together!  

Out for yummy Chinese food after church!  
And then haying at the Tevises with our good friend and neighbor, Doug, along with us! 

The little farm girl all dressed for her first haying experience! : -) 

The picture below is one of my favorites!!! :-)

It was such a beautiful day! 
I love this picture!!! 

Lydia treated us to some amazing pizzas and then banana cream pie!  Oh my! 

Awwww. . . .Marilyn loves her Uncle Kyle! 

So, I love this next picture . . . 
I had been holding Marilyn for a while.  I took her down to the house to change her diaper and get her changed into a sleeper.  She was happy for a while, but then started into her fussy time of day, and I couldn't console her.  I found Lydia and passed her to her Mommy, and she was still fussing a little, when Granpa Tevis took her and within minutes she was sound asleep!!!! : -)  I think he is the baby whisperer!!!! 

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