Thursday, September 14, 2017

Interview and Filming for a Part in a Promotional Video!

We recently had the awesome experience of having a film team come out to the house to interview Caroline, along with the quadruplets, for a small part in a promotional video that Human Life of Washington is putting together.  It will promote all the different ways people can get involved in the pro-life movement.  They were primarily interested in hearing about Caroline's work with 40 Days for Life! 
 After the interview, the videographer wanted to get some video of Caroline and the family's daily life. 
We brought Valerie's newborn puppies out . . . 
(Sorry, I couldn't pick which expression is best . . .so I put all four pictures on! :-) 

 And then he filmed some pumpkin picking. . . 
 Some horseback riding . . . 

 And some playing the piano, etc. 
(Not photographed. :-) 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
We also had the special blessing of meeting the Executive Director of Human Life of Washington.
She is one incredibly passionate pro-life advocate, 
and it was an honor and privilege to spend the afternoon with her. 
She was so inspiring! 
She was also interviewed for the video, right here on our property! :-) 
We felt so blessed to be a part of this work! 

A Special Little Boy Turns 5!!!!

W. had his 5th birthday recently!
It landed on a day when Daddy, Kyle, Tim, Joe and Ben were away in Colorado for a father/son retreat, so Mommy took W. and G. and Brielle out to Burger King for a birthday breakfast and playtime! Then, we got steamers for the drive home, and had a few presents for W. to open on his actual birthday.  The following Saturday, we celebrated with family and had a dinner party with lots more presents to open! 

 Presents for the party . . . 
 He asked for a "Batman" themed party! :-) 
 And what do you know? He ended up getting a batman costume as one of his presents!

It was a very special celebration of a very special little boy!!!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Special Time with Valerie!

Valerie invited me to travel with her to Coos Bay, Oregon and attend a Steven Curtis Chapman concert! It was such a sweet two days with her and the concert was amazing! 
Such a very special time! 
Thank you, Valerie! 

 Once we turned off of I-5 and headed west, it was such a beautiful drive along the Umpqua River! 
 Steven Curtis Chapman was so awesome, as usual! 
We just love his lyrics and his heart for the Lord and adoption! 
It was just him and his guitar for nearly three hours! 
Such a tremendous blessing! 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

End of August Already!

Summer days are speeding by! 
So full of life! 

 Fishing with PapaBob :-) 
 Local fair! 

 Daddy is so proud of his garden this year!!! 
Look at this beautiful harvest!!! 

 Benny's lost lots of teeth! 
 Joe's recently caught lizard had 7 live babies!!!!  
 And of course, Marilyn is cuter than ever!!!! 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Happy Birthday Richie, 2017!!!!

 Happy Birthday, Richie! 
We thank God for the blessing you are to all of us,
and love you sooooo much! 

 The girls watching Richie open his presents . . . .  

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