Wednesday, June 28, 2017

First Few Days of Summer ~ Part 2!

On a recent near 100 degree day, we decided the only thing to do was head to the lake! 
This was W. and G.'s first time on the boat! 
They were sooooo excited about being on the inner tube! 

First Few Days of Summer! Part 1

 Valerie snapped this picture with her phone on a recent hike she took the little ones on! 
Victoria (and Brielle ;-) have been busy caring for the five little Augie puppies. 
They will be going to their new homes this week. 
(The picture below was taken by Valerie. :-) 
Victoria snapped the following pictures of Brielle and the puppies. 

 I think Brielle is the "dog whisperer!"

Time for fireworks shopping already!  

 Brielle sure loves all the dogs and puppies! 

Joe planted these turnip greens from seeds to feed his tortoise, Homer!
And he's been busy catching lizards already! 
Caroline bought her first car! 

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