Sunday, June 4, 2017

This Week In Pictures

The weather has been really nice! 
Valerie took the kids on a walkabout one day and took the following two pictures . . . 

 Caroline took the kids to a park to play and took these pictures . . . 

 Back at home, they ride their bikes a lot! 
 Kyle has been working super hard and long hours with his lawn care business trying to keep up with all the growing grass and other needs. 
The month of May was record-breaking in the total dollar amount of invoices.
He is also busy in any free moments plugging along on his online college courses. 
And then, there's being an UNCLE!  I think he is pulling out his Uncle card a little more often to move up the line at church to get to hold Marilyn!  He also has a very conveniently located lawn care customer at the end of the Tevis' road, so saves that one for the end of the day . . . 
usually around the dinner-hour works good for him. : -)
(Thanks to Lydia for this picture from church this morning!)
 The other 3 quadlets are also keeping super busy with all their various home, work & ministry projects! It's a revolving door around here with their coming and goings!  Never a dull moment and always lots to talk about and catch up on when we can!  I love it! 
We sure enjoyed getting to see and hear Michael Card in concert on Friday night! 
He is such a brilliant Bible scholar and gifted musician.  Putting those two things together makes for some amazing lyrics and beautiful music to his songs.  We were so blessed to listen to him in person!
And then . . . . 
there's the BABY!!!!! 

 Brielle and I were so blessed to be invited to the Tevis family baby shower for Marilyn yesterday!
Thanks to Lydia for helping me take many of these pictures!  
Look at this cake!!! 
Isn't it amazing?!!!!

The cake tasted as amazing as it looked! 
Marilyn received so many wonderful things! 
She is very, very blessed to have such sweet and loving relatives!  

 These pictures show just a few of the all the awesome things she received! 


Kyle Bowes said...

awh great pictures!!!! Thanks for sharing them, Mommy!

I sure do love my family!

Meemom said...

Great pictures. Looks like Marilyn will need to change clothes several times a day to fit them all in.

Caroline Bowes said...

I love all these pictures Mommy!! I'm so happy to see all the Tevis Baby shower pictures and that cake is adorable!!! Thanks for sharing all these on the blog.

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