Thursday, April 28, 2016

Special Time with a Special Friend!

Valerie and Caroline had such a wonderful time with our dear friend, Carolyn, last Friday.
She blesses them with a "girls day out" a couple times a year, and this time she took them to a Lilac Garden not too far away from us.  (Victoria was blessed to be a traveling buddy for Lydia as she went to Tacoma for a doctor's appointment.)  They always start their day at a local coffee shop owned by a  Christian, large, talented, homeschooling family.  : -)  Then, they enjoyed the beautiful garden and a delightful lunch together.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Thank you, Carolyn, for snapping these photos for us!  

 They still have the historic residence there of Hulda Klager, the "lilac lady." (1864-1960)
Caroline was blessed to be able to play her piano! : -)


Thank you so much, Carolyn,
for this very, very special time with you!!!
You are such a blessing to us all!!!! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fun with Fantastic Friends!!!!

We were soooo very blessed to have several friends come out to visit us this weekend!
We had soooooo much fun!!!! : -)
Thank you, dear friends!!!!!

 Just a few of the volleyball players with their serious volleyball faces on!
 But it's hard to be serious for long with this fun-loving bunch! 


Here we're playing "Wink, Wink Murder."  Yes, that is what it is called . . .
but we decided to rename it "Elimination" : -)
 This is what 15 passenger vans are for . . .
filling them up!!!! : -)
 Okay . .. so those of you who have been around our blog for awhile,
you've maybe seen these kind of pictures before. . .
 It's become our first-time-visitors-tradition!!!
(Well, actually, we like to play Reverse Charades anytime with friends and family!!!!)
 Sometimes our guests are unsure about it . . .
even resist it at first!
 But inevitably, once the game begins,
the room fills with laughter,
and everyone gets in to it!!!

 And I think everyone enjoys it!
 Can anyone guess what we're acting out in all of these pictures? 
 "Love you, Man!"


 This one has to do with the name of a "duck"  of sorts . . .
 His initials are DT and he is in the news a lot lately . . .

More volleyball!
They played quite a bit over the weekend!

We also went bowling on Saturday!
That was very fun! 
(I was so bummed that I failed to check my camera battery again before we left!
It died just a few minutes into my picture taking at the bowling alley, so I was only able to take these first few photos!)
 Oops . . .sorry Victoria. . .
didn't mean to add this one . . .hee, hee!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This one is better!

Thank you precious friends for the wonderful weekend with you!
We are sooo grateful for your fun friendship and fellowship!
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