Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Another Big Step for Caroline!

About a year ago, Caroline felt that the Lord was leading her to switch directions from her part in the Crossroads Boer Goat business to focus on some other areas of her life.  One of those areas was her piano endeavors.  She had recently stopped her formal lessons, and she really wanted to continue learning on her own and pushing herself in certain areas of her music. One of these areas involved leaving the comforts of reading the notes on her music, and launching into playing from chord charts for making playing for church worship easier.   She is so grateful for the teaching she had from her 2nd teacher, Mrs. Holmes, in acquiring the skills to do this!  
The other area is really focusing on using her music solely for God's glory, which for her, means concentrating more on playing and performing spiritual songs and hymns. She has also pushed herself in being able to glorify God with the abilities He has given her in playing for others.  (She has never really desired to play solo as a "performer," and now especially, she wants to be sure that when she does, that the focus in on the Lord!)
Recently, she took a huge step of faith, and auditioned to play "I Sing the Mighty Power of God," at the upcoming annual Christian homeschool conference.  This was and is super intimidating for her, as the number of attendees could be between 3,500 - 4,000!  (Just a wee bit different from playing it at our little country church for the 100 kind folks in our church family! :-)  
She just received word this week, that she was one of several that have been selected to play at the conference!  Oh my! 
As she thought about playing this song for our church's Christmas Talent Program this past Christmas, the Lord gave her an idea to put together a slide show of pictures which show His mighty power and creativity in all that he has made.  This seemed to really help take the focus off of her playing, and onto our Lord's majesty! I'll include the audition video here, although we greatly apologize for poor video sound/quality!  Caroline Playing "I Sing the Mighty Power of God"
All this to say . . . . or kindly ask :-)  . . . . will you please pray with us for Caroline, for this big step of faith that she is taking?  It really is quite nerve-racking for her, and she really needs all the prayer support we can give her.  Pray that she will have peace and confidence knowing that the Lord will be with her, and that she will play it better than ever . . .  all for God's glory!  The date that she will be playing is April 30th.  Thank you soooooo much!


Maria said...

Greetings Caroline,

We are delighted to hear how you are seeking an opportunity to seek Him and serve the Lord through playing His music at the conference! You know Chris Rogers, CH Conference chorale's painist, he has said, "Make sure you practice and prepare beforehand with a great attitude, full effort and diligence and leave the results up to God." We are very pleased to pray for you and your family.
The Booy Family

Caroline Bowes said...

Hello sweet Booy family!

It was such a delight to hear from you! Your comment was a pleasure to read and VERY encouraging to me! Thank you SO much for sharing that thought-provoking quote from Mr. Rogers; that's so very true and also wonderful to know that God will take care of the results for His glory alone! :-) I'm really looking forward to seeing you all at the conference! Thank you for all the effort and service you put into them every year; you all are such a blessing!

Thank you SO much for praying! We all appreciate it more than you know!:-)

Love in Christ,

Eden said...

Congratulations Caroline! How exciting! :D You're going to do great! God bless you! :)

Kate said...

Praying! ;)

Elanee said...

Oh yes:) we will be praying for Caroline it this new opportunity! I'm SO excited for her, and I know she will play to the glory of God!!!

Caroline Bowes said...

Thank you SO much Eden, Kate and Elanee for your very kind and thoughtful comments!They were such a blessing to me! I can't thank you all enough for your prayers! :-)

AZDonna said...

Beautiful piece, Caroline!! You will be such a blessing to those listening and witnessing God's glory displayed in the slide show. You'll do great!

My son in law's niece recently performed her senior recital at Wheaton, so I have had the privilege of enjoying two beautiful Christian young ladies use their beautiful gifts for Him in the last week. Well done!

Meemom said...

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is my granddaughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was beautiful Caroline.... just like you!! God has blessed you mightly, and I know you will always honor him with your talent. Love, Meemom

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