Friday, April 15, 2016

Blessed Time with Wonderful Friends!

While on our spring vacation,
we were SO blessed to spend a few days with our awesome friends in California!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
When we first arrived, we jumped right in to playing volleyball!
(The first three photos are taken that first evening as it was getting dusk.)
 The T. family has 8 kids.
So combined, there were 16 kids playing together! : -)

 We both have an "older set" of kids,
and a "younger set" of kids.
So, there were always lots of helping hands with the little ones.

Lots of fun things to do outside! 

 They took their volleyball very seriously! ;-)
 Not really!
Kyle the horsie!

Fresh oranges!


 The dads and oldest sons battled it out on the volleyball court during a two-day,
five-game challenge!
Old age and treachery won in the end! ;-)
3 to 2!!!!

  We played lots of fun games inside.
 Musical chairs with live music by Mr. T.!!!

 And we enjoyed lots of lawn games.
 The girls!
  The boys! 
 Our dear sweet friends . . .
 We were super blessed to be treated to a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

 Thank you, thank you dear friends for this wonderfully blessed time with you!!!!

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Meemom said...

sure looks like alot of fun and beautiful weather!!! Love you all, Meemom

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