Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Only Three Days Left!

The 5K Fun Run/Walk/Stroll (added per Pastor Dean ;-)
benefiting Richie and Lydia's upcoming adoption,
is only three days away now!
The prizes and give-aways have arrived,
the signs are made,
permission to use all the public areas involved (from 3 different entities) has been sought and granted,
the starting line and turn around point is marked,
plenty of water bottles are awaiting their use,
bags are ready and anxious to be filled with fresh popcorn,
volunteers are standing by,
pre-registrants are signing up and getting entered into the timing software,
balloons are ordered,
invitations have all been posted and sent out,
and our faithful, awesome God is bringing this all together
and blessing us above and beyond all that we could ask or imagine with
 soooooooooooooo many supportive friends and family that are registering and donating!!!! 
Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow! 
We are soooooo thankful for each and every one of you reading this that has been so kind as to support Richie and Lydia!
For those of you who might still wish to sign-up or donate, you may do so here:

Richie and Lydia's Adoption Fund-Raising Site
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Now, we just need to keep praying that our all-powerful Creator and Sustainer of all things,
will hold back the rain . . . just for a few hours on Saturday morning!
(We are really thankful for the rain, Lord! :-)   
And actually, the rain might be quite appropriate when we look at it as part of God's abundant blessing of His people. . . .
"He waters the earth to make it fertile. The rivers of God will not run dry! He prepares the earth for his people and sends them rich harvests of grain.   He waters the furrows with abundant rain. Showers soften the earth, melting the clods and causing seeds to sprout across the land.  Then he crowns it all with green, lush pastures in the wilderness; hillsides blossom with joy."
Psalm 65:9-12 TLB

Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy 9th Birthday, Joe-Joe!

We are all sooooo thankful for this guy!
Always happy, always thankful, always lovin' life!
He brings us such joy each day!
We love you, Joe, so very much!
Strawberry crepes for breakfast!

A little gift to open from Daddy and Mommy after breakfast.
A snap together model of an Apache helicopter.

Joe requested a lego sorting party on his birthday! : -)
So we all got in on it and actually sorted about 6 years worth of lego pieces!
Chicken pot pie for dinner!

Cake Batter Blondie bars for dessert!

And a couple more gifts after dinner!
What a great day for one 9 year-old boy!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

 Last Saturday, we had a blast going to an awesome pumpkin patch!
Thanks so much, Valerie, for taking more than half of these photos!
They are all awesome, and it was such a blessing to have your help in capturing all the fun we had together!
 First stop . . .bull riding!


Of course, the Baby Girl had to be dressed just so . . . . 
 There are so many fun activities to do at this pumpkin patch! 
Below is a sampling of all of these things!



 The catch and release fishing was a new addition . . .
and a bit of a bomb! 
(We never caught any, and never saw anyone catch any! ;-)
 Brielle loved feeding the goats.
You would think she wouldn't be so interested in them with feeding "her" own goats every day!

 One of Brielle's very favorite things at the pumpkin patch was the pig races!

I think Benny was the only one that jumped on the big bouncy pillow!
He loved it!


More tether ball in another area . . .
(The picture below made me laugh! It just looks funny! :-) 


The team on the left won!

 This was one the new favorites!
It is called the "rat roller!"

 And this new addition was also a big hit!

 Daddy bought a big turkey leg!
Uh oh, looks like he might have to share it with 8 other people! 

 Good thing he also bought some kettle corn!
 Of course, the pumpkin patch always makes for good photo opportunities!

Last time we were at this pumpkin patch,
the girls were "holding" Kyle.
(While sitting on the bench behind them . . . just like the one above with Caroline across their laps.)
So, this year, Kyle decided he should be "holding" the sisters!
And he DID!!! 

 Time to go home . . .

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