Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Last Week of August!

This past Sunday our family enjoyed a delightful 3 1/2 hour drive to a quaint little town,
nestled in the hills above the Columbia River. 
We were invited over for a visit to the home of some new friends we met at family camp.
After the beautiful drive along the Columbia River,
and climbing up to and through the quaint little town,
we entered a beautiful rural area.  Then, after following some winding country roads,
we found their lovely place, which had this wide open view on one side,
and a gorgeous view of Mount Hood on the other!  
The day was very exciting for us 
both for the adventure of going to a new place we had never been before;
and also for the sweet blessing of our whole family being invited over
for a delicious farm-fresh lunch
and encouraged by a special time of kindred-spirit fellowship! 
 The lunch was truly amazing, with grilled, tender and juicy chickens right from their farm,
and lots of fresh produce from their garden and from other farms in the area.
We had so many delicious fruits and veggies . . . it was awesome!

The kids all really enjoyed touring their farm, visiting all their animals,
and helping with the farm chores.
The kids also enjoyed talking with one another and playing lots of volleyball,
while us older folks also had a very nice visit!
Thank you, L. Family for your wonderful hospitality and for such a fun afternoon!
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
After returning home around 9:30pm Sunday night,
we were all re-loaded in the van at 7am Monday morning for some more family togetherness . . .
this time for our bi-annual dental cleanings!  Woo hoo!
We were so happy that Benjamin was very cooperative this time,
and sat in the dental chair all by himself, like a real big boy,
allowing  the hygienist and dentist do everything they needed to!
And we rejoiced when he was given a good report!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 Now we are happily preparing for our friends, Russ and Joanna Miller,
arriving from Arizona on Friday.
  They are such a blessing to so many as they travel around the country,
speaking the truth in God's word about creation.

We are very excited to have them stay with us for a week,
while Russ speaks in 6 or so different times and places.

Their ministry is so vital as we see the truth of God's word
so undermined in every way in our culture.

Russ writes on his website,
Creation, Evolution and Science Ministries  ,
why Christians should be so concerned over the creation-evolution issue . . .

As long as I believe in the Bible, why should I care about the creation-evolution issue?

"First, I have great respect for anyone who, despite the massive propaganda assault by Secular Humanists through public schools, colleges, the media, National Parks, museums and more, can still see through to the truth of God’s non-compromised Word.
Still, here are 2 reasons why you should care.
1) The message of salvation is man’s original sin (which let death enter God’s perfect Creation) separated us from God, eventually leading to Jesus' sacrifice on the cross so we could be redeemed with God should we accept the Biblical Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Darwinism says that man came about by billions of years of death and suffering. Thus man’s sin did not bring in death or separate us from God. Hence there's no need for Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.
This is what 'millions of years leading to Darwinism' is really about.

2) Studies are showing that 86% of kids raised in Christian homes leave the 'church' behind before they graduate college and 96% of churchgoers hold a Secular worldview rather than a Biblical view, due to the teaching of 'millions of years leading to Darwinism.' The religious philosophies of 'billions of years" and Darwinism have spread like a deadly cancer into every aspect of society, causing billions of people to reject Jesus Christ as Creator, Lord and Savior."

Is the issue of creation really relevant today?

"As to the relevance of creation, God’s Word starts with creation, as does the apostle Paul when speaking to people without a creation foundation.
God’s perfect CREATION corrupted by ORIGINAL SIN that SEPARATED us from God requiring our REDEMPTION with Him is the foundation for the Gospel of the world’s redeeming Savior, Lord Jesus the Christ. This is found in Genesis 1 & 3 with the first promise of the coming Redeemer, born of a virgin, found in Genesis 3:15.
This is why Secularists focus their efforts to undermine people’s faith in God by attacking biblical creation. The Editor of American Atheist wrote: “If there never was an original sin there is no need of salvation and that puts Jesus into the ranks of the unemployed.” This is because death before Adam undermines the Original Sin that led to our need for redemption.
Due to ‘millions of years leading to Darwinism’ being taught in the place of real science 87% of Christian raised kids are leaving the Church by the age of 20…and that figure is climbing rapidly (it was 71% in 2001; 81% in 2006).
If the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do?
I suggest the creation issue is the most relevant issue facing the Church and suggest Believers promote God’s version of His creation, found in His Ten Commandments: Exodus 20:11 – For in six Days the Lord made the heaven, earth and seas and all that is in them." 
 Please join with us in praying for many people to hear and receive the truth of God's word,
through Russ' messages.
And that God will multiply Russ and Joanna's strength and energy as they have a very full speaking schedule in order to reach as many people as they can! 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Joe's World . . .

  . . . is such a happy place most of the time . . .   
 . . . except when after taking great care of his beloved Lizzy the AZ lizard,
she died.   
 But even in this,
he made sure she had a proper burial with a personalized grave marker,
complete with his homemade decorative pinwheel.  ;-)
 And even the "hand, foot, mouth disease" virus that went through our house these past two weeks,
 (with painful canker sores in the mouth and all), didn't affect his joyfulness too much.
And now he is super happy!  Because of this sickness,
we postponed our original plans we had for today,
and Daddy decided to take Kyle, Timmy and Joe 
on their annual overnight boys outing . . . this time to the beach!
Crabbing, clamming, fishing, and hunting critters in general
is probably Joe's all-time favorite thing to do!
(Just like his Daddy!)
So now my prayer, as I boil lettuce to feed  his tadpoles,
is that they will not die on my watch.
Because that would not make a very happy ending to
his otherwise happiest days of the year!  ;-)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fellowship, Fun, Family, Fair, Friends and Food!

This past weekend, we were invited by some very thoughtful friends to attend a picnic hosted by a dear family they have known for many, many years.  It was held on their beautiful acreage.
We enjoyed meeting many new families and friends, and were blessed with hearing God's word,
and some great things God has done by an awesome speaker (from Australia!). 
We also loved listening to some great music by many of the families in attendance.

This special family is very gifted with their voices,
and they blessed us in many ways.
This song was a great one, and since they had a request to sing it again later in the day,
we were able to quickly grab the video camera and record most of it!   
Turn up the volume and enjoy!
Evan S. did a great job leading the young folks that were at the picnic in a worshipful song that they had sung together at the spring Christian Heritage conference.
 The next day,
we enjoyed going to our local fair!
 Short . . . tall!!!
  The whole family came out to go to the demolition derby!
Victoria and Caroline's goats did great there!

The guys enjoyed practicing their archery skills . .. 

on each other! ; -) 
At the end of the day, we were pleasantly surprised to see good friends Jonathan and Heather V. as we were leaving the fair.  We were blessed to be able to go to dinner together and then enjoy a visit back at our house afterwards!  We had a lots of laughs and a great time together! 
Then, yesterday, a few of us enjoyed spending the day with Lydia . . .
turning these beauties into . . .
First, comes all the sterilizing of the jars, lids, etc.
Lucy the lab was careful to supervise all the goings on. 
 And make sure Brielle was finishing her snacks.
Lucy and her side-kick Sandy,
both looking for something good to eat in the summer kitchen. 
McKenna, Cassidy, Aunt Kelley, and Meemom were the helpers for the day,
and were a HUGE blessing!!!

We had some great laughs!
I think a good time was had by all!
And some great memories made on the Tevis farm! 
Lucy kept "checking" on Brielle to make sure she was finishing all her food. ;-)

The boys coming back from feeding Rosie's calf. 
The fruit of our labor!!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy Birthday (Almost!), Richie!!!!

We had fun celebrating this super special guy last night!
 God blessed us all real good when he brought Richie into our lives.
We are soooo thankful to the Lord for him!!!
 He is very special in many ways!
He loves the Lord and living for Him,
he loves his lovely wife,
and he loves his family, friends, farm and small-town community.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
He is overflowing with thankfulness for life,
and all the Lord has done for him.
And so are we!!! 
 He always helps us look at the funnier side of life . . . 
 and keeps us laughing!!
 Love these two!
Together, they are one very special bundle of blessings that bring us such joy!!!   
Richie is quite spoiled blessed with all of Lydia's excellent fresh-off-the-farm cooking and baking. 
She blessed us all last night with her fruit pies
and straight-from-Rosie-the-milk-cow homemade ice-cream!   Oh my!
 A few of the party guests . . .;-)
We love you, Richie!!!!!!!!!! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Praises and Prayers

"Let all that I am praise the LORD;
may I never forget the good things he does for me."

Psalm 103:2

"Don't worry about anything;
instead, pray about everything.
 Tell God what you need,
and thank him for all he has done."
Phil. 4:6
We recently enjoyed getting together with Ben and Elisabeth.
We praise the Lord for this young, newly married couple
that are stepping out in faith to start a brand new campus ministry at Bellevue College near Seattle.
Ben and Elisabeth are both recent graduates of Western Washington University.
They sure inspired us with their hearts to serve the Lord,
and willingness to follow the Lord's call into full-time missions.
We know the Lord will use them mightily to speak Truth
and preach the Good News
where it is so desperately needed! And to also come alongside
and encourage the Christian students who attend there.  
We know they would be so grateful for your prayers for them,
as they raise their support and look for the right location to set-up their home.
May our Lord's abundant blessings be upon them!

 As the days wind down with our fun visit with Papa Bob and Meemom,
we praise the Lord for the blessing of our precious family and the special times we've had together.

Papa Bob eyeing Joe's freshly made smore!!

Sharaya eyeing Meemom's freshly made smore!! : -)

Roasting some toes by the fire!
We would also be so grateful for your prayers for little Brielle.
Recently, several very painful canker sores have popped up around the tip
and underside of her tongue,
making eating, drinking and even sleeping nearly impossible!!
Needless to say, she is very uncomfortable and really needs quick healing from the Lord to stay hydrated and nourished.  Thank you so much! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Fun with Family, Friends, and Furballs ;- )

It's been a fun-filled few days with family and friends! ;-)
We're continuing to enjoy PapaBob and Meemom's visit in many ways.
Saturday, we had lunch here with our awesome neighbors and friends, the Moore's. 
We also were blessed to have Aunt Kelley's friend, Lewis, join us for the day. 
 And we love having McKenna and Cassidy here for the summer,
making everything we do lots of fun! 
Some of us enjoyed playing volleyball together . . .
Go Mrs. Moore!!!

Excellent effort, Timmy!

Nice form, Daddy!

Way to go, Victoria!

Lookin' good, Valerie!

Good job, givin' it your all, Kyle! ;-)
 After Aunt Kelley treated us to a delicious lasagna meal,
some of us enjoyed hiking up the nearby trail to this cross and overlook.  
On Friday night when the men went out to dinner to talk business . . .
 . . . us girls had fun playing Mad Gab.
 We've also been playing lots of Quiddler and Scrabble!
One night, we had a Scrabble tournament.
We started with two Srabble boards with four-five people on each board.
These two pictures were at the very end of the tournament. 
It came down to Daddy, Caroline and Victoria!
 It was pretty close!
In the end, Caroline won 1st place and Victoria was second!
(Daddy third! ;-)
Checking and double-checking their words! ;-)
All the while,
Brielle has been lovin' on all the "dog-dogs" that are around her!
She LOVES them!!!!

 And Benjamin has been enjoying
being a fireman . . .

and a knight-in-shining-armor! ;-)
Beautiful view on Saturday night from PapaBob and Meemom's deck!
Thank you, Lord!

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