Saturday, August 23, 2014

Joe's World . . .

  . . . is such a happy place most of the time . . .   
 . . . except when after taking great care of his beloved Lizzy the AZ lizard,
she died.   
 But even in this,
he made sure she had a proper burial with a personalized grave marker,
complete with his homemade decorative pinwheel.  ;-)
 And even the "hand, foot, mouth disease" virus that went through our house these past two weeks,
 (with painful canker sores in the mouth and all), didn't affect his joyfulness too much.
And now he is super happy!  Because of this sickness,
we postponed our original plans we had for today,
and Daddy decided to take Kyle, Timmy and Joe 
on their annual overnight boys outing . . . this time to the beach!
Crabbing, clamming, fishing, and hunting critters in general
is probably Joe's all-time favorite thing to do!
(Just like his Daddy!)
So now my prayer, as I boil lettuce to feed  his tadpoles,
is that they will not die on my watch.
Because that would not make a very happy ending to
his otherwise happiest days of the year!  ;-)

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