Thursday, August 7, 2014

Special Moments and Memories in the Making with Meemom and Papa Bob!

Feeling so thankful for all the good things the Lord has blessed us with right now . . .
~ beautiful blue skies, summer sun and warmth 
~ loving parents/grandparents here for a visit
~ fun sister/aunt and nieces/cousins living nearby that brighten every day
~enjoyable Richie and Lydia that bless us regularly with the joy of their presence in every season
~the joy of being able to live in and enjoy God's amazing creation all around us!!!
And a special thanks to Papa Bob and Meemom for all the fun we've had with you on your boat!
Such super fun and special moments and memories made together!
"I see land, captain!"
A couple of us sure enjoy capturing these special moments with our cameras!
A boatload of fun!!!

  Enjoying three generations gathered together.

 Can't go on a boat ride without Oreos!!! ;-)
 Aunt Kelley and Benny shared lots of time together while she fished.
He is crazy about his aunt!
And such a very patient and loving Aunt she is!!
 Benny enjoyed playing with the worms. ; -)
 Joe was the only one to catch a nice little trout!

 The two "V's" that some people get most confused telling apart.
Do you think they look like twins?
 The nearly 18 year-old quads.
 What's this flying through the air????
Nappy time!
 Back on land for a BBQ!
Lydia was sharing about her experience of getting stung on Tuesday by one of their honey bees.
Her left calf is VERY swollen!!!  


Back on the boat for another little cruise!
  Thanks everyone for such a fun day!!!!

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Bethany said...

That looks like so much fun!!! We went boating for Jordan's BD years ago... :)

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