Monday, May 22, 2017

This Week In Pictures!

Marilyn is smiling already!!! 
She completely melts our hearts!!! 

Marilyn's First Run/Walk for Life! : -) 

 Lydia took this one with her phone on our walk. : -) 
These are Victoria's Corgi/Aussie cross puppies
Thanks to Victoria for this picture! 
Last week of baseball! 

Timmy hit two home runs this week,
with one being a grand slam to win the game! 

 Such awesome friends that came a long way to help a friend-in-need build a fence for her goats.
Thank you, dear friends!!!! 
Three of our dear friends headed home after this labor-of-love project,
and the next day we gained two more friends to play in the war;m, and dry 85ish degree weather! 
Thanks to Valerie for taking this picture!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Epic Surprise Visit, Baby Shower, and Mother's Day!

Papa and Grammie made a surprise visit from Arizona this weekend! 
They showed up on Friday afternoon, and stayed through Monday! 
(We hope to have the video of all the surprises coming soon!)
These first few photos were taken at home on Saturday morning before Marilyn's baby shower. 
Papa and Grammie gave Lydia and Richie this adorable "Baby's First" Christmas ornament of baby shoes with snowflakes on them!  Since 2016 WAS technically Marilyn's first Christmas,
 this couldn't be more perfect!   

 Now at the baby shower! 

Adorable sheep cupcakes!

 Mommy and Marilyn having a little conversation during the baby shower . . . 

 And back at the house . . .
playing "Go Fish" with Papa and Grammie . . .
 Mother's Day 2017!!!
 Kyle bought us girls coffee drinks on the way home from church! 
Awwwwww.. . . 
 Then, Rich and Janet and Richie and Lydia and Marilyn came over for lunch! 

 Super happy Grandmas!
(Marilyn is trying to smile! :-) 

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