Thursday, May 4, 2017

California Here We Come!

On our way to the 40 Days for Life event where Caroline will be speaking! 
We left yesterday morning at around 4:30! 
We arrived at our hotel at 11:45pm! So only a little over 19 hours on the road! 
It all went very well! 
Praise the Lord!
~ ~ ~ ~ 
We're missing Kyle though! 
He stayed back to work and study and take care of the animals! 
We love and miss you very much, Kyle! 

A few hours into the trip . . .
we needed a little "pick-me-up" :-)
Picnic lunch in warm California! 
It was around 90 degrees! 
These next two pictures Caroline took! 

 Awwww. . . such a good big brother!  
 We even drove our van through a car wash! 
That felt good after leaving Muddyrock. ;-) 
 So after arriving at our hotel around 11:45pm,
it took us about an hour to find our room, get a different room, and then find that one! ;-)
And after brushing lots of teeth, and finding everyone a place to lay their head it was probably about 1:30 before we all fell asleep. 
So there's a little bit of sleeping-in going on right now while I type this! 
Then, we'll be hitting the beach here soon!
And us girls will leave for the 40 Days for Life event and different hotel around 2pm! 
Thanks so much for your prayers for Caroline as she prepares to speak tomorrow! : -) 


Meemom said...

Glad the trip went so well. I can imagine there were some droopy eyelids the next day. Keep us posted!!

Lydia said...

Those are all great pictures!!! Keep us posted as you are able, love seeing everyone! Miss you all and hope you're having​ an awesome time!

Taylor Smith said...

That sounded like such a fun trip!! Thanks for the pictures! Makes me feel like I was there!

Ted and Karen said...


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