Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Another Wonderful Summer Day!

We started the day with some epic (family word :-) weed pulling in a section of our garden that we didn't plant anything in this year. 
It was quite a thriving weed garden!
 Then, we decided to take the boat out again,
as it was forecasted to be another lovely day,
and Joe really wanted to try out his new fishing pole!
 On our boat ride we saw deer, a blue heron, a bald eagle, and an osprey dive down and catch a fish!
 Timmy was given special treatment with his injured leg.  : -)
 Joe was determined to master his new fishing pole!

 And Benjamin caught one with the lucky spider man pole!
(He didn't want to have anything to do with the fish!)
Kyle enjoys the rope swing every time he has an opportunity.
Today, he swung on it four times!

After our return home, and a yummy pizza dinner,
an *epic* arm wrestle competition with Papa broke out!
To be continued . . . .

Timmy's Tumble, Terrific Trap Shoot, and Tevis Time!

Our Monday got off to a great start,
with Ted taking me out early for a breakfast date!
(We only had 3 little people with us!)
Joe was very excited to go with us,
because he wanted to shop for a new fishing pole with the bit of money the tooth fairy just brought him, and in addition to some freshly earned money!  : -)
And boy, did he find a good deal!
He's anxious to take it out today and give it a try!
shortly after our return home,
as we were all sitting around visiting with Grammie and Papa,
the dogs started barking.
Since, I thought we were all in the house,
I wondered what they were barking at.
As I walked out back, and headed in the direction that the dogs were looking,
I started hearing cries (screams) for help!
It turns out, Timmy took a tumble off the pontoon boat,
after retrieving his fishing pole from the boat.
On his way down,
something put a very deep gash in his right shin!
It was long and deep!
So with a quick call to our awesome, nearby family physician's office,
most of us loaded up the van to go with Timmy for some stitches! 
He had to have NINE stitches!

our day got back on track,
with our planned trap shooting fun with Papa!
Papa did awesome!
He hit many! 
He even hit five right in a row!!!

It was very cute to see Joe shooting  his BB gun
right along with the shotguns!

 Then, after all this excitement, a little nap was in order before heading over to the Tevis Farm for dinner!

We always have such an enjoyable time on the Tevis Farm!
Such super hospitable folks,
and lots of FUN!
we're checking out Kyle's new renovations to his trailer for his landscaping business!
we enjoyed lots of yummy food!
They barbecued lots of great meats,
and had many delicious side-dishes!
 We always have so much fun telling stories and laughing!
 We LOVE the Tevises!!!! 

 Is  Kyle saying pie with ice-cream is what keeps him strong??

Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Fun with Papa and Grammie!

Saturday was another beautiful day here,
so we loaded up the van . . . .
and horses . . .
and headed down the road for some fun at our nearby lake.
Papa and Grammie enjoyed seeing Caroline and Victoria swim with their horses.

 Then, the guys challenged each other to a rock skipping contest.

 And watch out fish . . . 
Joe has his lucky spider man pole with him! 

 On Sunday,
we enjoyed going to church with Papa and Grammie,
and then they treated us to a yummy Chinese food lunch!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Benjamin's Third Birthday ~ Part 2!

Benjamin loved driving the boat with Daddy!
And riding in the inner tube!

A few other pictures of the party-boaters. . .
 Grammie and Papa

 The original five! : -)
 Oh, no!  Timmy's driving!

Joe jumping from the inner tube!
 So glad we were able to pick-up Richie after he got off of work. 
He hopped on like this . . .
 Love this sight . . .
 There's a few more pictures of some lake fun that
Kyle will be posting on his blog!  Coming soon!
We enjoyed getting off of the boat at dinnertime to fix ourselves a brat/hot dog dinner!
 Then, a little water fun and fishing after dinner . . .
 Joe is really in to fishing right now!
He loves it!
Gotta love the spider man fishing pole!

 Then, back to the house for cake and ice-cream
and a fun present from Papa and Grammie!

 He got the hang of blowing out the candles immediately!
He really enjoyed it!
 You can see the happy satisfaction in his face!
 Grammie and Papa gave him this awesome
John Deere lawn mower! : -)
He loves it!  
Go Benjamin!
 And he is continuing to enjoy every day the new bike that
Papa Bob and Meemom gave him!

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