Thursday, August 30, 2012

More Summer Fun!

Blackberry picking!  And eating our reward. . .
blackberry pie afterwards!
 Cute little helper?  Or raider in disguise?
 "You guys go right on ahead and pick the blackberries. 
I'll supervise!"
"And do a few quality checks."
 "And a few taste tests."
 "Shucks!  They're on to me!"
"Here, Kyle has asked for my help in picking plums
(since he is not quite tall enough!)"

 At the end of our berry picking,
I turned around and saw this . . .

Then this . . . 
 I'm sure the neighbors were wondering about now,
"What kind of strange animal are we hearing?"

Some Summer Fun!

The Mossyrock Blueberry Festival parade
is always a big hit with the kids!
They LOVE the candy that is thrown to the happy onlookers.
Even Benjamin got into this year!   
 Victoria and Caroline did great showing their new buck at the fair!
(And so did their buck!)
 The boys love it when they can get a sister or brother to ride the rides with them!


 This was the "Friendly Fair's" best smile contest!
 You know you're in Lewis County when at the demolition derby you see this . . .
 Our famous Muttin' Buster hard at work!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things This Week

I am so happy about the roses Ted planted for me!
I have always wanted to have a rose bush
in each of my girls' colors . . .
and now I do!  

(Since I don't think there is such a thing as a green rose : -),
Caroline picked this beautiful color for her rose.)

I'm also so happy to see these beautiful gladiolas blooming! 
Friends and frisbee football = Summer fun!  

A boy that loves to bat and a dog that loves to fetch = a great team!  
The Crossroads Ranch daily catch and release program
hard at work!

(I'm sure this frog will be released . . . eventually!)

We've enjoyed watching these baby robin's hatch and grow!
Seeing this just makes me happy for a few reasons!
This tractor has been in the family since Kyle was a little boy.
It's been through a lot of wear and tear,
a couple moves, 
a few repairs,
and it just keeps on going!

What can I say?  : -) 

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