Thursday, January 19, 2012

First Big Snow

Thought you all might like to see a little bit of what our last few days have looked like here up on our hill. 

 It's hard to see the snow piled up on the bee hives,
but it's quite thick!
 This is our good friend and neighbor, Mr. Holborn, coming to plow our hill on one of the first snowy days.  It always helps to stay on top of the plowing, before it gets compacted to ice!
 The boys were making a fort down below at Wyatt's house.
This picture was taken from long distance from our road, as I didn't feel like stepping off into the deep snow to get closer!

 Ted, Kyle, Lydia and others worked hard to make this igloo.  They started with the JD tractor, making a huge pile and compacting it.  Then the digging out!

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