"Count Your Blessings, Name Them One by One!"

- Lydia Grace -
Adding loveliness to everything in life,
and doubling our joy with the addition of Richie!
Lydia (21) is our oldest daughter, married to Richie in June of 2012.  She's living her dream-come-true as a country wife to an amazing Godly man.  Lydia loves her sheep, making wonderful soap from their extra creamy milk, and all things related to being a joyful keeper at home!   She journals at: Joyful Keeper at Home.   Richie is a leader in our church and community, works hard at his job with Tacoma Power, and has his degree in diesel mechanics.  He is very gifted with his hands, and can build, make or fix just about anything.  : -) Together, they love serving the Lord and working on their farm.  They are so grateful to be living on Richie's family's homestead and are excited about starting Harmony Heritage Farm.

- Kyle Josiah -Speaking and writing the Truth in Love
 Kyle is our second born, (just minutes before his 3 "younger" sisters :-), and our first-born son.   He and his "womb-mates," as he calls them, are 20 years old.  He was the biggest of the four at birth, and has, by far, surpassed his sisters in height, currently measuring 6'5"!  Out of the foursome, Kyle has always been the "laid-back, easy-going" one.  He is an optimistic, no-worries kind-of guy, with quite a sense of humor.  He also has an adventuresome spirit and is usually up for just about anything . . . even going to dances! : -)  He loves the Lord, and has a passion for God's word and speaking the Truth.  He also loves telling stories through writing, with Christian analogies woven into them. He is super excited about recently publishing his first story, Crossroads of the Other World.  You can find out more about it here: Warriors for the Light. Kyle also worked hard this year with starting up his first entrepreneurial endeavor . . . his own landscaping business.  When he isn't writing or working, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.    You can follow Kyle's writing and journal at: An Extraordinary Existence.
 Caroline Joy - Always smiling,
and making us smile with her beautiful music

Caroline (20) was 2nd born of the quadruplets, and the smallest at birth, weighing in at only 3lbs 6oz.  She loves the Lord, serving Him and others with her gentle and quiet spirit.  Playing piano is one of her biggest passions that she devotes many hours to each day. She enjoys playing piano with her family's worship team at church, and one day hopes to be a piano teacher. She also enjoys taking care of her boer goats, and together with her sister, Victoria, she loves raising and showing them.  Caroline also enjoys riding and training her horse, Bubba.  When she is not practicing piano, or outside with her goats or horse, you'll find her reading, baking, or playing with her youngest siblings.         

Valerie Hope ~ Showing Hope for the Orphan

Valerie (20) was 3rd in the quadruplet line-up!  Of the four, she has always been the most "sensitive", and was given the nick-name "Puddles" at one time, for her ability to go from a care-free, happy countenance to a puddle-o-tears in a matter of seconds!  She is also very affectionate, and a sweet encourager.  Out of her love for the Lord, she has developed a heart for children, particularly for the orphan.  She started Pure Joy Labradors in part, as a means to support orphan care ministries and her own vision for adoption.  This keeps her quite busy, but she also loves administrative work and enjoys serving in this capacity when she has opportunity.  In her free time, you might find Valerie reading, baking, cross-stitching, or enjoying time with her family.  She is also the violinist in the family worship team.

~Victoria Faith~
Keeping us laughing and light-hearted!
As our most medically fragile baby, and most prone to medical emergencies of all kinds :-),  Victoria Faith (20), has been a perfect name for her!  We gave her that name in the beginning, believing by faith, that with God's hand upon her, she would be victorious in overcoming her medical issues at the time.  And through the years, we have seen our faithful God bring her through many life-threatening medical situations.  We are so thankful that she has committed her life to Him, loving and serving Him each day.  She has always kept us light-hearted and laughing with her very witty sense of humor, and reserved, but fun-loving spirit.  She loves adventure and going for outings, but also enjoys her time at home,  keeping careful watch over her boer goat herd. She and Caroline both keep quite busy with their  Crossroads Boer Goat business. Victoria handles much of the phone and email correspondence, and both of them work diligently at keeping their website updated.   In her free time, she enjoys riding and training her horse, Gracie, reading and baking!  She plays the violin, and also taught herself cello as the "bass" in our family's worship team.  

Susannah Patience was born at 7 months gestation on May 20, 2002.  She graced our world with her sweet presence that day, and we thank the Lord for the good things He showed us and blessed us with through her precious life.   

Timothy Jeremiah
Such a bundle of blessings!

Timothy (12) will go down in history as causing his big brother to cry!  However, they were "happy tears" on the day Kyle found out we were expecting a BOY, which meant he would finally have a BROTHER!  From the day he was born, he has been such a blessing to all of us!  But for Kyle, having a brother was an extra special gift.  They have been a huge blessing to each other, as Kyle often spends time with him.  They especially love playing baseball together. Timmy, in turn, loves being a big brother to his younger siblings, especially his new baby sister.  He also really enjoys riding bikes and playing in the dirt pile with his brothers.   When it is raining, you'll most likely find him inside, playing Legos or Hot Wheels.  He is also working hard on his 3 "R's" and is starting to love reading.   God has been so good to us in blessing us with Timmy, and we pray that he will truly live up to his name, which means "Honoring to God."

- Joseph Joel -
"God Will Increase/He Shall Add,"
"Jehovah is God" 

After being told we should not get pregnant again after Timothy, and once we did conceive, that we should "abort" the baby, Joseph will also go down in history for making the most dramatic entrance into this world!  Hard to believe, it has been 10 years since that fateful day, when Mommy had a splenetic artery aneurysm during her 31st week of pregnancy with Joseph.   (This was completely unrelated to the pregnancy.)  We are still praising the Lord for how He miraculously brought both Mommy and Joseph safely through this major medical crisis!   We know God has a very special plan for Joseph, and we look forward to seeing all that He will do in and through him!  Joseph has always been so full of life, and such a bundle of energy!  He is always on the move, and we pray that one day he'll be moving mountains in Jesus' name!  And with his current love for fishing, we pray that one day he'll be a passionate fisher-of-men for the Kingdom of God!  We can't imagine our lives without Joseph's constant smile, giggles, and happy countenance!  He is such a joyful little boy, whatever he is doing! Currently, his most favorite thing to do is build anything with Legos! 

 - Benjamin Justice -
"Son of My Right Hand,"
adding cuteness and color to our family!

Benjamin (6) is our "Great #8", and a blessing sent to us from God via the US foster system and through the blessing of adoption.  He was born approximately 5 weeks prematurely in Seattle, and we are so thankful to his birth mom for choosing "life" for him!  We were especially blessed to be able to pick him up right from the hospital, 3 1/2 weeks after his birth.  He is adored and loved so much by all of us, and is especially doted on by his many siblings.  He loves playing with each of his sisters and brothers, and is particularly fond of his little baby sister.  : -) We know God has a super special plan for Benjamin, and we can't wait to see it unfold in the years to come!   His favorite things right now are "cowboy" related, with always wanting to wear his cowboy hat and boots, and loving to ride horses of any kind . . . whether toy horses or the human variety on their knees and knuckles in the living room, or real horses! : -)

What a wonderful surprise we had in Feb. 2013, when we got the call that Benjamin had a biological baby sister born, and that they wished to place her with us!   She came to us at one week and one day of age, and we have loved every minute thereafter with her!   She is such a beautiful blessing from the Lord!  We are all thoroughly enjoying her sweetness, (and dressing her in all the adorable girl clothes and accessories! : -)   She is surrounded every day with sooooo much love!  We were so very thrilled to be able to officially adopt her in Oct. 2014.   We named her Brielle Jubilee.  Brielle is short for Gabrielle, which means "God is my strength."  And Jubilee, because "jubilant" is how we all feel about her! (We enjoyed blessing Benjamin and Brielle with an extra special bond in giving them the same initials.)  We look forward to seeing all the good things the Lord has planned for her precious life! You can read more details about what God did in her miraculous story here.

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