Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sledding with Friends!

We were so blessed by an invite to go sledding at some friends' house yesterday!
They live where there is lots of snow right now!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Just a little walk from their house . . . .
 Out to a wide open pasture area!  No dodging trees or rocks!  How perfect!
It was such a gorgeous winter wonderland!
 We just needed to press down some sledding runs.

 It was such a beautiful day!

 Victoria brought Sadie along to continue getting her well socialized.
She seemed to enjoy the snow,
even though it was deeper than she is tall!
 She also enjoyed making new friends.

 Some of the friends even tried some snowboarding!

 The hike up the hill was some good exercise . . . .
  unless you were lucky and little enough to be pulled up on a sled! :-)

How many people can you fit on a sled?

(The photographer wasn't quite prepared for the deep snow and cold,
so she didn't last too long in her sneakers, jeans and no gloves!  Brielle got soaked pretty quickly as well, so after snapping these few pictures, we headed back in to the warmth of the cozy fire!  So sorry I didn't get more pictures kids!  (Joe seemed especially scarce in the photos! But he was there the whole time!  Somehow I just missed him!   Sorry Joe!  :-)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2015 SVCC Christmas Talent Program!

It is such a blessing for our family to be able to facilitate this annual event, giving the Lord all the glory for all of the good gifts and abilities the Lord has blessed His people with at SVCC.  We always stand in awe of what He does in and through His people during this special night.  Once again, we felt He was honored  through the hearts of His people wanting to worship and bring Him glory, and encourage one another.   And it was quite wonderfully entertaining!
 There were a total of 45 participants and 23 "entries/acts" with such a wide variety of talent!
 Kyle was our wonderful MC and quiz master once again!
 The girls all had a part, or two in the evening. 
A special thanks to Lydia and Richie for their awesome help with the family skit and helping so much with Ben and Brielle!  
 Unfortunately, our video camera failed to record our skit.
So you'll just have to use your imagination in conjuring up a 7 person glow-stick-people dance! :-)
We prayed it truly was all about  . . . .
And here is Caroline playing "I Sing the Mighty Power of God"
She also put together a power point presentation that played while she was playing.
It had photos of all of God's amazing creation,
and ending with His greatest gift of all . . .
sending the world a savior in Jesus!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thank You, Lord, for Your Blessings and Protection!

We have had LOTS of rain lately!
It has been so good for our area, as it has been a particularly dry summer and fall.
We were surprised though this morning to see our normally dry little pond full to overflowing!
 We also found out at the end of the day today, that with all this heavy rain,
came a landslide on the main country road out to our house.
We are praising the Lord for His protection as we realized that this landslide that took out trees and downed power lines happened just moments after Ted and I passed by in our van on the way to take him to the doctor, and just before Caroline tried to pass by in the car. 
 (Caroline left just about 15 minutes after we did for errands in town,
and by the time she got to the area, a man had his truck blocking the road and was telling folks that the road was impassable.)  

Just one of the trees that fell across the road just moments after we passed by and before Caroline came up to the area.
Thank you, Lord, for your protection!
And this is what was going on back at home while we were away . . .
(Victoria took all these photos!)

This is a perfect example of what we call "Joe's World!" 

 Oh, and since I took these photos of Joe off of Victoria's camera card . . .
I thought it is fitting to add these photos of the newly delivered baby goats.  These are from Poppy, the pregnant goat that we took with us to Leavenworth.  She waited to have her babies until about 11:30pm Monday night!!! 
 Two bucks and a doe!
Praise the Lord, mama and all three 8 lb-ers are doing good!

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