Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Leavenworth 2015 ~ Day Two!

Saturday was a wonderful winter wonderland in Leavenworth!
It snowed fairly heavy all day long!
So, if most of the pictures look a little fuzzy . . it's the snowflakes!  ;-)

We forgot to bring a stroller for Brielle.
But it probably wouldn't have worked too well anyway.
And this little sled worked perfectly!!! 
Charlie was one of the main attractions and most photographed doggie there! 
The kids did lots and lots of sledding in the morning!
I had a hard time choosing which photos to post,
so here's quite a few of them . . .  
Brielle was crazy for sledding again!
She had it pretty easy though with getting hauled up the hill each time! 

The falling snow was a fairly wet snow,
so the umbrella helped keep us dry!
I was under one with my camera too! 

Whoa!  Getting "air" with this sled usually means it will hurt on your way down! 
Enjoying one of the little pastry shops.

At the end of the afternoon,
we all packed into one of the horse drawn sleighs that had a cover on it!
It was warm, cozy and dry! 

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Kate said...

Love the horse drawn sleigh!!

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