Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sledding with Friends!

We were so blessed by an invite to go sledding at some friends' house yesterday!
They live where there is lots of snow right now!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Just a little walk from their house . . . .
 Out to a wide open pasture area!  No dodging trees or rocks!  How perfect!
It was such a gorgeous winter wonderland!
 We just needed to press down some sledding runs.

 It was such a beautiful day!

 Victoria brought Sadie along to continue getting her well socialized.
She seemed to enjoy the snow,
even though it was deeper than she is tall!
 She also enjoyed making new friends.

 Some of the friends even tried some snowboarding!

 The hike up the hill was some good exercise . . . .
  unless you were lucky and little enough to be pulled up on a sled! :-)

How many people can you fit on a sled?

(The photographer wasn't quite prepared for the deep snow and cold,
so she didn't last too long in her sneakers, jeans and no gloves!  Brielle got soaked pretty quickly as well, so after snapping these few pictures, we headed back in to the warmth of the cozy fire!  So sorry I didn't get more pictures kids!  (Joe seemed especially scarce in the photos! But he was there the whole time!  Somehow I just missed him!   Sorry Joe!  :-)


Meemom said...

Sure looks pretty, as well as alot of fun!!!!

Michael Berkompas said...

Can't beat snow and sledding! If it doesn't make it down to us here soon, I'm going to schedule a trip out to the mountain...

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