Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Leavenworth 2015 ~ First Day

Early last Friday morning,
we all loaded up (including a big dog, a little puppy and a very pregnant goat ;-)
for our annual trek to Leavenworth
for one of our family's Christmastime traditions!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Here are just a few of the photos of this first day . . . .  
 (Valerie took these first two awesome photos!)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
But first, on the way to Leavenworth,
we just had to stop at White Pass and play in our first snow of the season!

 Lots of snowballs being thrown . . .
 and received! :-)

Excellent photo below by Valerie!
Brielle just LOVED sledding!
Thankfully, as you'll see in a few of the photos below,
she had lots of willing family members to tow her up the hill!
(Photo by Valerie!)

This is the road that was Brielle's little sledding hill.
  And then there was this trail that made for a pretty good sledding hill for the others.
Here's Valerie . . .
 There's Joe!
 Here's Caroline . . .  
And the one below was snapped just before she hit a small rock in the gully at the end of the trail,
with her knee and elbow . . .
then passed out from the pain! : -(  
 So, we had a little pause in the action,
to revive Caroline, assess her condition,
and carry her back to the truck.  
Thankfully, there were no major injuries, just bad bruises! 
And with some advil, her pain was manageable!   

One happy lab!

Just before we left,
we had some fun feeding the birds . . .  
Awesome photo by Valerie . . .
The birds landed on our hands . . .
and on our heads!
 And of course,
it was a perfect time to get some pictures of Brielle!
(The adorable coat she is wearing was just given to us by a neighbor :-)
  Daddy and Benny worked on the snowman while Timmy and Joe were sledding.
But wanted to get a photo of them by it for size!
Then, back on the road and straight to our little KOA cabin in Leavenworth!
There was quite a bit of snow on the ground when we arrived!
(Photo below by Valerie!)
 A couple traditional swing-on-the-front-porch pictures!

 Timmy took the photo below! :-)
 After we settled into the  cabin,
we headed into town for the evening!

The little sledding hill was nice and snowy! 

 Back at the cabin,
we finished the night with a movie,
and Grammie's homemade fudge that Caroline made and a big tin of popcorn!
Part two coming soon!


Meemom said...

Love the pictures. Valerie, you are becoming quite the photographer. Following in mommie's footsteps. It all sure looks so beautiful. Love Brielle's coat! Love, Meemom

Kate said...

Brielle is so precious! Is this her first time sledding?

AZDonna said...

Wow, is that beautiful... and cold looking! I'd prefer to enjoy it from INSIDE the cabin next to a roaring fire with a cup of hot cocoa! Thanks for sharing.

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