Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy Birthday (Almost!), Richie!!!!

We had fun celebrating this super special guy last night!
 God blessed us all real good when he brought Richie into our lives.
We are soooo thankful to the Lord for him!!!
 He is very special in many ways!
He loves the Lord and living for Him,
he loves his lovely wife,
and he loves his family, friends, farm and small-town community.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
He is overflowing with thankfulness for life,
and all the Lord has done for him.
And so are we!!! 
 He always helps us look at the funnier side of life . . . 
 and keeps us laughing!!
 Love these two!
Together, they are one very special bundle of blessings that bring us such joy!!!   
Richie is quite spoiled blessed with all of Lydia's excellent fresh-off-the-farm cooking and baking. 
She blessed us all last night with her fruit pies
and straight-from-Rosie-the-milk-cow homemade ice-cream!   Oh my!
 A few of the party guests . . .;-)
We love you, Richie!!!!!!!!!! 


Cathy Matson said...

What a wonderful celebration for a wonderful, wonderful man! God bless Richie, now and always. Thanks for posting photos of all the fun.

The Bowes Family said...

Hi Cathy!
Thanks for the note! A hardy amen to your loving sentiments about Richie! :-)

And you are another big bonus to Lydia and Richie marrying! we are sure blessed to know you and have you in our lives!!

Thanks for stopping by! We're ao glad you enjoyed the photos! ;-)

With much love,
Robyn, for all of us!

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