Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fellowship, Fun, Family, Fair, Friends and Food!

This past weekend, we were invited by some very thoughtful friends to attend a picnic hosted by a dear family they have known for many, many years.  It was held on their beautiful acreage.
We enjoyed meeting many new families and friends, and were blessed with hearing God's word,
and some great things God has done by an awesome speaker (from Australia!). 
We also loved listening to some great music by many of the families in attendance.

This special family is very gifted with their voices,
and they blessed us in many ways.
This song was a great one, and since they had a request to sing it again later in the day,
we were able to quickly grab the video camera and record most of it!   
Turn up the volume and enjoy!
Evan S. did a great job leading the young folks that were at the picnic in a worshipful song that they had sung together at the spring Christian Heritage conference.
 The next day,
we enjoyed going to our local fair!
 Short . . . tall!!!
  The whole family came out to go to the demolition derby!
Victoria and Caroline's goats did great there!

The guys enjoyed practicing their archery skills . .. 

on each other! ; -) 
At the end of the day, we were pleasantly surprised to see good friends Jonathan and Heather V. as we were leaving the fair.  We were blessed to be able to go to dinner together and then enjoy a visit back at our house afterwards!  We had a lots of laughs and a great time together! 
Then, yesterday, a few of us enjoyed spending the day with Lydia . . .
turning these beauties into . . .
First, comes all the sterilizing of the jars, lids, etc.
Lucy the lab was careful to supervise all the goings on. 
 And make sure Brielle was finishing her snacks.
Lucy and her side-kick Sandy,
both looking for something good to eat in the summer kitchen. 
McKenna, Cassidy, Aunt Kelley, and Meemom were the helpers for the day,
and were a HUGE blessing!!!

We had some great laughs!
I think a good time was had by all!
And some great memories made on the Tevis farm! 
Lucy kept "checking" on Brielle to make sure she was finishing all her food. ;-)

The boys coming back from feeding Rosie's calf. 
The fruit of our labor!!!


Victoria said...

What beautiful peaches!

The Bowes Family said...

Indeed! They were from Yakima!

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