Monday, October 5, 2015

First Weekend in October!

Valerie's 11 new happy puppy owners came out to pick up their puppies on Saturday!  
It was a long, but good day as she met so many great folks that are providing loving homes for this latest litter of Pure Joy Labradors!
Even Aunt Kelley, Louis, and Cassidy are now the proud owners of the blue collar male.
They named him "Quincy!" 
Photo courtesy of Valerie!  Great picture!  Thanks, Valerie!
Looks like they're both very happy!
Photo courtesy of Aunt Kelley!  Thanks for sending it!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
On Saturday, the boys took advantage of being in McMinnville, Oregon
(for Victoria's last Boer goat show of the season),
and had the blessing of visiting the Evergreen Aviation Museum,
where the "Spruce Goose" is displayed!
They spent all day from 9-5 there,
and loved every minute!
They learned a lot and had a very fun time! 

After dropping the boys off at the museum, I ran back to the fairgrounds to watch Victoria show her five goats that she brought to this last show of the season.
We are so thankful for how the Lord has blessed her in this endeavor. 
With the Lord's hand upon her,
she has done so well this year!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(I apologize for the jumbled order of the photos.
For sake of time, I had to leave them disorganized for now!) 
Roxi won 1st place out of 26 does!

Dandi won 1st place in her class!

Dandi won Senior Reserve Champion Doe!

Poppy winning Overall Grand Champion Doe!

Now for a few pictures of her staff . . . . :-)
Brielle and Roxi!

Ben and "Pinecone"!
 Every professional goat handler has a comb in their back pocket . . .
 or pants! ;-)

Poppy was the only paint goat in her class! :)
This is Lon and Trish.
They are a very special family that the Lord brought into Victoria's life about a year ago.
They had just entered into the Boer goat show world,
and came to purchase a couple goats from Victoria and Caroline.
They are devout Christians and have such a sweet family that has been a real blessing to us all.
They are now the proud co-owners of national show goat, Roxi!

Roxi- Junior Grand Champion

Roxi- Overall Reserve Champion

Roxi- Overall Reserve

Valor won his buck class!

Valor in the Junior Champion Drive!

Valor won Junior Reserve Champion!

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Meemom said...

Congrats Victoria!!!! That is so amazing. So many ribbons. You probably caused a ribbon shortage!!! lol Love, Meemom

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