Friday, October 23, 2015

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

 Last Saturday, we had a blast going to an awesome pumpkin patch!
Thanks so much, Valerie, for taking more than half of these photos!
They are all awesome, and it was such a blessing to have your help in capturing all the fun we had together!
 First stop . . .bull riding!


Of course, the Baby Girl had to be dressed just so . . . . 
 There are so many fun activities to do at this pumpkin patch! 
Below is a sampling of all of these things!



 The catch and release fishing was a new addition . . .
and a bit of a bomb! 
(We never caught any, and never saw anyone catch any! ;-)
 Brielle loved feeding the goats.
You would think she wouldn't be so interested in them with feeding "her" own goats every day!

 One of Brielle's very favorite things at the pumpkin patch was the pig races!

I think Benny was the only one that jumped on the big bouncy pillow!
He loved it!


More tether ball in another area . . .
(The picture below made me laugh! It just looks funny! :-) 


The team on the left won!

 This was one the new favorites!
It is called the "rat roller!"

 And this new addition was also a big hit!

 Daddy bought a big turkey leg!
Uh oh, looks like he might have to share it with 8 other people! 

 Good thing he also bought some kettle corn!
 Of course, the pumpkin patch always makes for good photo opportunities!

Last time we were at this pumpkin patch,
the girls were "holding" Kyle.
(While sitting on the bench behind them . . . just like the one above with Caroline across their laps.)
So, this year, Kyle decided he should be "holding" the sisters!
And he DID!!! 

 Time to go home . . .

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Kate said...

Great pictures! I love Brielle's poses! ;)

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