Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Another Round of Pure Joy!

While Victoria and Caroline were away at the Boer goat show this weekend,
Valerie was busy sending-off the rest of her Pure Joy Labrador puppies.
She had another nine picked up this weekend!
That made for a grand total of 19 really happy families!  
She sure does a great job with everything!
She works so hard every day and goes the extra mile for her puppies and their families!
She also feels so blessed to have waiting lists to satisfy,
so the pups are all spoken for soon after they are born!
Here's just a few recent pictures of Valerie and her little helpers.
(First two photos are by Valerie)

This last picture is of a puppy that got just a little bit of extra time and lovin' here
while waiting for his new owner to drive up from California. 
(Photo by Timmy! :-)

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Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Lots of puppies! So cute!! ~SHiloh

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