Thursday, April 28, 2016

Special Time with a Special Friend!

Valerie and Caroline had such a wonderful time with our dear friend, Carolyn, last Friday.
She blesses them with a "girls day out" a couple times a year, and this time she took them to a Lilac Garden not too far away from us.  (Victoria was blessed to be a traveling buddy for Lydia as she went to Tacoma for a doctor's appointment.)  They always start their day at a local coffee shop owned by a  Christian, large, talented, homeschooling family.  : -)  Then, they enjoyed the beautiful garden and a delightful lunch together.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Thank you, Carolyn, for snapping these photos for us!  

 They still have the historic residence there of Hulda Klager, the "lilac lady." (1864-1960)
Caroline was blessed to be able to play her piano! : -)


Thank you so much, Carolyn,
for this very, very special time with you!!!
You are such a blessing to us all!!!! 

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