Thursday, June 1, 2017

First Boat Outing of the Year!

Thanks to PapaBob and Meemom for allowing us the use of their pontoon boat, 
we can take our family plus friends out on the lake on warm, sunny days! 

 We went out on Sunday afternoon after church. 
The day was beautiful! It was in the 80's, I think.
 It is always such a fun time . . .
especially watching the joy that friends have when they have never been on a tube or rope swing before! 

Daddy still tries his hardest to throw the kids off the tube! 
He looks for wakes from other boats to help him out! 


Teresa B said...

Looks like so much fun!

Victoria Bowes said...

That was soooo fun!!! First boating of the year! Those pictures are awesome!! :)

Taylor Smith said...

Those pictures are amazing!!!! That was soo much fun! What a special time with you guys! That was my first time doing water sports like that. It was amazing! Thanks for capturing those moments!

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