Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Birthday Gathering!

(SO thankful this morning, that our dentist office was able to take Benjamin in this morning right when they opened.  Benjamin has been having some pain in his upper lip area for a couple days (and nights).  This morning, he woke with a huge swollen lip.  Daddy and I rolled out of bed and hit the road to the dentist office about 50 minutes away. We are sitting in the dentist's office now.  They have really high speed internet here, so I could post these pictures really fast!)
Woo hoo!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Last night we celebrated Richie's birthday.
Victoria and the boys decorated his cake . . . .
Two of Richie's favorite things . . .
farming and fire-fighting.
(Just not both at the same time!)
With the Texas Sheet Cake, two of Valerie's amazing peach pies, one blueberry pie,
and two big pans of lasagna, salad, and garlic bread . . .
we headed over to the Tevis' place to gather on their beautiful farm.
 The birthday boy and his lovely bride!
 Their farm is such a special place,
especially on a warm summer night.
They have a perfect spot for their "gathering place,"
underneath a couple hundred-year-old trees. 
~ ~ ~ ~
Thanks so much to Ron and Becky for bringing lots of various fun beverage choices . . . .
special bottled root beer and orange cream soda, Pepsi, Capri Sun, sport drinks, etc. 
Richie making the four sisters laugh!
 Time for the gift opening.
Richie started with two little packages that Benjamin made and wrapped for him all by himself. :-)
 Oh boy!  A couple great pictures!

 Oooooooh. . . .a big container of trail mix with CHOCOLATE in it!!! :-)
 Showing Brielle his new pocket flashlight.
 But I think, perhaps, the best gift of all was this
"Bug-A-Salt" gun!
Getting excited . . . . and practicing!  (Hee, hee . . . he doesn't need practice! :-)
 Looks like Ben and Richie might be working out a deal to share the "Bug-A-Salt!" :-)
 Ooohhhh . . . . it even came with the ammo!!! 
 But first, we must read the safety precautions and disclaimers . . . . 
 Okay, now time for loading it . . .
 And of course, trying it out!
It works great!
Then the party got even a little more rowdy,
when the hoola-hoop Papa Bob and Meemom brought was passed around . . . .  

Hmmm . . . .somehow, I missed photos of the birthday boy trying it out! ;-)
And I don't think Mr. Jacobson or the ladies ever got a turn!  Hee, hee . .strange!
~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~
We thank God for you and love you very much, Richie! 
Praying you will have a super blessed year ahead!

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