Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Day Three at the Beach!

Beautiful morning walk on the beach!
 We found a really nice guy, carrying a big, huge camera to take this picture for us. :-)
After taking these ones with my camera,
he then took some with his.  Hmmm . . . no sure why????
Then, some friendly foot races . . .
(Look, there's Papa running again, and it appears that he is beating Victoria and Caroline!!!
 This time he's a fast sprinter rather than a marathon runner.
It kind of reminds me of the time he told that guy on the bus that he was a meteorologist! ;-)
 I think Kyle definitely has an unfair advantage against the competition here . . .  ;-)

 Awwww. . . . the littlest competitors giving it their best!

 Does Daddy still have what it takes?

  Beautiful beach = perfect backdrop for a photo op! :-)

 Ben sure loved collecting treasures all along our walk!  
 Brielle has always been pretty afraid of bodies of water.
The ocean was especially scary to her.
But by Tuesday morning, she got up her courage just a little bit,
to get a little close .  .  .
and grab Papa's hand! :-)

And then Grammie's too!
 The boys had soooo much fun playing in the water!
(Kyle is in the foreground enjoying the deeper waters.)
It didn't feel super cold, as it does sometimes.

 And last but not least,
we had to go visit the Candy Man,
and try our luck at the Wheel of Fortune!
Daddy introduced Brielle to it for her first time!
 Timmy won a bag of popcorn!
Woo hoo!
Way to go, Timmy!  

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Caroline Bowes said...

What a great post! Thanks Mommy, for capturing all of the fun times and memories made at the beach! All of the pictures turned out beautiful!! The racing pictures with Daddy in them are especially was obvious he was trying his hardest to beat his kids!!! ;-) Thanks for posting Mommy! It's SO much fun to look back and recap on our trip!

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