Tuesday, August 25, 2015

SW WA Fair 2015 ~ Last Day

Valerie, Ben and Brielle and I decided to head out to the fair on Sunday
to watch Caroline and Victoria for their second show of the fair.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
On a side note, we figured we'd be gone most of the day,
so we left Anna outside to guard the farm. :-)  She gave us all the looks . . .
from "You're not really going to leave me alone on the porch . . . "
 to her most pitiful, sad look . . .
 to her "Oh boy!  You haven't left yet . . . maybe you're going to take me afterall?" look!
Ben insisted on wearing his full cowboy attire!
 At least Sister had her cowgirl hat on!

 Posing with Dandi.
 Valerie was a little more prepared this time to help show!
 They did great again!
This is one of Dandi's bucks! 
(Royal is his name! :-)
 "Sugar" won Senior Reserve Champion and Overall Reserve Champion.
 We HAD to ride the merry-go-round!
 And the plane . . . .

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