Monday, August 10, 2015

Meeting Papa and Grammie at the Ocean!

Right after church Sunday morning,
we headed to the ocean to meet Papa and Grammie there!
(Sadly, we're missing Valerie, who stayed back to deliver Annie's puppies. :-)
~ ~ ~ ~
They had left Arizona on Friday morning,
and stayed in Pendleton, OR on Saturday night.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We actually arrived at the beach hotel within about the same 1/2 hour of one another!
We weren't exactly sure where they were when we arrived,
but just after we snapped this picture,
they came up the bank from the ocean! 
And then . . . . .  
there was lots and lots of huggin' going on!
(Oops . . .I missed the very first round of hugs . . .*Kyle*,
as my camera was accidently set on the timer setting, and I couldn't figure out in the bright sun,
why it was beeping at me!) 

Awww . . . three pretty sisters . . .
and . . . what's THAT in the background??? 
I think the highLIGHT of Joe's day was finding this flashlight in the sand! 
This is our hotel.  It is right on the beach within a short walk to the sand! 
Kyle is very fortunate to always have an arm rest handy!
Which way to the beach???

Papa and Grammie gave Benjamin a soccer ball for his birthday present!
So very perfect for him!
I don't think we've ever had a soccer ball,
and he is a natural at it!
Thank you, Papa and Grammie!
He loves it!!
And will sure enjoy it even here on the beach!
One super cool volleyball player right there . . . 
Joe enjoyed the kite on this perfect day!
After a little visit on the beach,
we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.
"KYYYYLE . . . you have some 'splainin to do!!!"
Then, after dinner at Pizza Hut,
we went back to the beach for a beautiful evening watching the sun set!
My handsome little guy!
And lots more fun with the kite! 

And a little bit of Frisbee . . . 
and some more volleyball.
And we were very, very blessed to see this gorgeous sunset!



The Bowes Family said...

Oh, so this is my punishment for photo bombing that one great picture! -_- Hey, don't dis the style! With some of these ridiculous fads going 'round, I thought I would add my own! :0D

(and for those of you who are still like, "whaaatttt?" about my epic new style, I needed shoes to enter that restaurant of course, and since _someone_ had unloaded my sneakers out of our van, I had to improvise!) Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not break, beg, or go hungry! 1 Kyle 2:15

Your loving, blackmailed son,

Valerie Bowes said...

Thank you so much for taking and posting all these wonderful pictures! I SO enjoyed seeing what the first day with Grammie and Papa was all about! It looks like it was such a wonderful day for everyone! I loved all the "hugging" pictures! :) What a blessing to have Grammie and Papa safely there.
Joe, that flashlight looks so cool! What a find! :) And Benny, that soccer ball is awesome! You will have so much fun with that! Kyle, nice epic new style! Pretty soon all the cool guys will be walking around the beach like that. :)
Wish I could be there with you all playing frisbee and volleyball on the beach, but I know there will be another time. The sunset pictures are gorgeous! Give Grammie and Papa and everyone else a hug for me. :)
Love you all and miss you! Looking forward to the next post. :)

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