Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back in the Saddle Again!

Yay! Caroline just received her new, specially ordered saddle this week,
that fits Bubba perfectly!
(She's had a real hard time finding a saddle that fits him just right since she got him back in 2010.)

 Victoria also has a good-fitting saddle for her new horse, Bree.
So after a long spell of various injuries for both Bubba and Gracie,
and after Victoria has trained Bree for riding, 
Caroline and Victoria are finally able to ride together again!
Oh happy day!


Michael Berkompas said...


God is so good and merciful! The saddle looks great and so does Bubba. Reminds me of the lyrics, "Saddle up your horses! We've got a trail to blaze. Through the wild blue yonder, of God's amazing grace!"

The Bowes Family said...

Thanks for leading me to the Corriente website and for your advice. It's been so nice to actually have a western saddle that fits Bubba perfectly! And it feels even better to start riding again after two months of recovery!! I'm so thankful that God caused "all things to work together for good..."!!! (Romans 8:28)


Michael Berkompas said...

You're welcome. Now, all you need is a rope! :)

AZDonna said...

Beautiful horses! I have to giggle at Victoria's flip flops in the stirrups. :D

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