Thursday, August 13, 2015

Day on the Lake and Picnic with Family

Our little pump for the tube took a beating when it accidentally got tossed out onto the dock.
Three cheers for Papa, who fixed it and saved the day!  
A big THANK YOU to Papa Bob and Meemom,
for taking us all out on their pontoon boat!
It is such a treat!

 Charlie is longing to jump into the water! 
 "Who me?  I wouldn't shake water on everyone in the boat, really!" ;-)
 What do we have here?
Ah ha!  A fish!
 Brielle might be a water baby after all!
We were all surprised when she wanted to sit on the tube with Victoria.
(When we were parked, of course!)
the other two sisters are happy to stay high and dry!
 One of Kyle's highest swings!
 Joe's too!

Boating is so relaxing and soothing.
Very conducive to nodding off in a restful little slumber.
Back at the shore,
we were so happy to have Richie and Lydia be able to join us for a BBQ!
Here's Lydia with two of her favorite people! 
 This little spot is such a perfect place for a picnic!
 Thanks again, Papa Bob and Meemom for such an awesome, fun day together on your boat! 

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