Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Thank You, Papa and Grammie!

Thanks so much, Papa and Grammie for driving all the way from AZ to visit us!
We had such a fun time, and sure made lots of great memories!
We're thanking God for you and praying for your safe travels home!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 Papa and the coin trick that he has played with every grandbaby!

Papa and Grammie taught Daddy and Kyle how to play Pinochle.
But in this photo below,
Papa and Daddy were more concerned about why Kyle was served TWO pieces of Grammie's fudge with their popcorn,
when they got just ONE!
Then, another round of Reverse Charades.
Sorry for MORE charades picturess!  We just love this game!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"Tatonka"???????? :-)
 AWWWW . . . .
 Hmmmmm . . . . .
 The next three are successive.  Can you guess what they are acting out?

 Wow . . .what am I doing???
 Go Timmy!
Go Daddy!  
 In the above two photos, we were acting out "Dumbo,"
and Grammie was the guesser.
Grammie was saying everything but "Dumbo" . . . .like . . .  
"flying elephant, elephant with big ears, EL -E - PHANT. . .etc"
She began making really funny "you guys are CRAZY" faces back at us!!
She was cracking us up!!! 
Are the next two photos of two new dances??? :-)
 This one looks a little Hawaiian! :-) 
Wow!  Go Valerie!
Doesn't this just say "Ferris Wheel????"
 Even Ben got in on this one!
 Daddy has this really bad in the springtime!
 This is interesting! ;-)
 Wow, I was really excited about something!
 Getting cracked up again about something!
This game always makes us laugh so much!
 Awwww . . . is Grammie "blushing"???? ;-)
 This is how we look when we read a word that is going to be an easy one to act out!
 This is how we look when we get a word that makes us think . . . .
"You've got to be kidding me!  No way!"
 They could have used some "disco" moves on this one!
 Daddy is "Trick or Treating!" :-)
 Oh, the things  you have to do when you play Reverse Charades!

Last night with Papa and Grammie . . .
 Playing GOLF . . . .
Thanks again, for everything!
We love you!!!! 


Kelley said...

Looks like such a wonderful visit!!! Love you all so much!

Kate said...

Those are great pictures from Reverse Charades! Reminds me of how much fun we had playing it with you all when we visited. ;)

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