Friday, May 28, 2010

We're Home!

We arrived safely back home this afternoon around 2:30pm! Woo hoo! No problems whatsoever! And Kyle did great with a preventative dose of Dramamine:-)!

We are glad to be home and be reunited as a family:)

Thanks so much to all of you for your prayers! And thanks to all of our wonderful Phoenix family for the great times together and all the fun memories made! We enjoyed every minute!

Now on to laundry ;-)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

On the Road Again!

We had a very good day of travel . . . all 18.5 hours of it! We actually pulled away at 4am, and pulled into a Flying J truck stop just on the north side of Boise at 10:30pm:) We will camp here for the night.

All went well . . . well, except for Kyle passing out real good at McDonald's at lunchtime. We are thinking it was related to a bad case of motion sickness, but we're still not completely sure. He's doing better, but very, very tired.

Well, I better get myself to bed! Can't wait to be home!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Day in Phoenix

We started our morning with a round of golf . . . miniature style!

Then, some of us swam, while others of us played table tennis and WII bowling:)
Timothy and Joseph made a couple new friends . . .
Here, Joseph is conversing with his new friend;-)
Grandpa and Grandma treated us to dinner at "Ah-So".
This is where the chef prepares your food right at your table.
Joseph wasn't so sure about the fire from the onion volcano!
It was a very enjoyable evening!

Back at Meemom and Papa Bob's house, we played Quiddler. Papa Bob won!

And lastly, we celebrated Meemom and Papa Bob's birthday with a scrumptious Costco cake! Yum!

Meemom's African Violets

Hey, Lydie! Thought you might enjoy seeing the variety of African Violets at Meemom's house!
How are ours doing?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not every day can be perfect...

That's just life! :-)

Actually, the day went pretty well after this morning. I started out trying to mow, and I didn't notice when this part fell off...and I ran over it. After spending some time underneath the crazy machine I am still clueless as to where this part used to go. Wouldn't have done any good had I figured out what it is though, the piece is completely destroyed. The mower didn't want to move anymore, so it's sitting in the yard. Ughh.

Maybe Daddy can identify this object? :-) It does look like one of those belt pulley things, but as far as I could see those were just fine.

Notice the deep gashes from the mower blades. Ouch.
After that I learned three ways how not to cut out and sew a skirt:-) I have decided that I do not like seem-rippers because the only time you use them is when you make a mistake.

Caroline and I went on a walk with Allie to get the mail, and we saw the "red airplane man" (as we like to call him) for the first time this year!

The "red airplane man" is a guy that flies over our house, (In a red plane!) and when we wave he always does tricks in the air and waves back at us. It's such fun!

Allie retrieving a Frisbee.

Lunch:-) We had to post some sort of food on here:-)

We just got home from the Holborns, we had a delicious dinner and watched a John Wayne movie! That was really awesome!

Well I hope all of you Bowes family are able to get some Internet connection so you can see this soon! Love you all,

Day One and Two with Meemom, Papa Bob and Grandpa!

We arrived at Meemom and Papa Bob's house yesterday afternoon
and had a lovely visit in their sun room over looking the golf course.
Then, we moved outside on their back deck, as it was sooooo nice oustide!

We arrived to these freshly picked grapefruits on their counter.
So sorry, Lydia! But we'll bring some home!
Meemom wanted even more of them picked, so we had fun helping in this project!

Now, we actually have LOTS to bring home!

Playing chess off-and-on throughout our days.

Get ready for the Sun City West, AZ wildlife!

Yummy chocolate cake for dessert lat night!

Swimming today!

Then, we had a blast meeting Grandpa for Mexican food at Macayo's!
Here, he is showing us some games on his little pocket computer thingy!

We'll look forward to seeing Grandpa again tomorrow!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Very Boring day...

Nothing of much interest went on here today, but we were still productive at least.
Caroline tidied up the house, and then swept and mopped the entire floor! ( She also vacuumed!)

New recipe I tried for breakfast. These are raisin scones. I love this recipe, I think it's a keeper!

Kind of hard to tell exactly how overgrown Meemom's grass was from the picture. I think it is best described as trying to mow down a hay field:-) It took 5 hours to finish, and it looks horrible right now; I am going to have to go over it again.

And dinner of course. We had breakfast for dinner since there were some left over scones from this morning.
Caroline did some math and I cleaned out the barn and did some other chores, we took a lovely walk with Allie, and that's about it! A very eventful day:-)
Love you all,

Kyle at D-Backs Games!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our Sunday!

We went to our old church and saw many old friends.
Then out to lunch at Arribas!

Joseph is still thinking of his John Deere tractors!

Then, we all went over to Aunt Heather and Uncle Kevin's house!

The weather was actually cool here today! The HIGH was only 79 degrees! Unbelievable!
It was so cool, the kids opted for the hot tub instead of the pool!

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