Friday, May 21, 2010

First Day On the Road!

Our first day on the road went great! No problems at all! Woo hoo! We left around 4:45am, and pulled into our "hotel" parking lot (Walmart:) in Salt Lake City at around 7:45pm.

Since we don't have our resident photographer on the road with us:(, I don't have too many pictures to share of our first day. I'll try to do better today!

The first three photos are of our first leg of the trip through White Pass. There is still a lot of snow and the temperature was 30 degrees.

The rest of the trip wasn't too scenic! To help pass the time, the boys got some yummy candies:)

Nice pajamas, eh?


quadgranny said...

Making it to Salt Lake City seems quite a feat!!! Glad you did not
have any problems.

Cannot believe there is snow somewhere when it is almost 100 degrees here.

Hope the rest of your trip goes well. Love you, Meemom

quadgranny said...

Enjoyed your post Lydia and Caroline.

Seems you were quite busy. The paper making looked very interesting.... Thought your poem was great Lydia.

Very proud of both of you girls for being so responsible and being able to manage that big house. Thank you for your pictures and blogging. Love you all so much, Meemom

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