Friday, May 21, 2010

Arrived Safe and Sound!

We had another wonderful day of travel with no problems whatsoever! Yipee!

We left Salt Lake City around 7am and pulled into Flagstaff around 4pm. We had fun driving by our old house and church. We also visited Susannah's grave site, and trimmed the grass around her little name plaque. I think it might have been one of the first times we've talked to Timothy and Joseph about their little sister that they have yet to meet. It is hard to believe she would have been eight years old . . .yesterday!

After a yummy dinner at Pizza Hut, we travelled that last little bit from Flagstaff to Phoenix, in what seemed like a jiffy! We pulled into Grammie and Papa's house, with Papa waiting for us in the driveway:), at around 8:30pm! Whew! We made it!

We couldn't figure out quite yet how to get our computer up and running here, so I'm borrowing Papa's for now. His doesn't have the nifty photo card reader built into the computer, so not able to share photos tonight . . . but hopefully we'll get it figured out soon, because I can't wait to show ya'll today's pictures!


LEE said...

I am delighted you all minus Lydia and Caroline arrived safely. It never ceases to amaze me how much you treat everything as an adventure.

Sure do love you all,

quadgranny said...

So happy to know you are here safe and sound.

Sure have enjoyed hearing from you
and the girls.

Much love, Meemom

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