Saturday, May 22, 2010

What we did on Friday :-)

Day two alone at the house! We had fun:-)

Caroline made a batch of her awesome cookies!

I made Lilac soap in the morning.

We worked together to make some more paper, and tried out the ones that dried.

Here's all the paper drying.
I know, nothing more boring than a picture of a green bean plant. I couldn't help myself though. This is a huge accomplishment for me, it's ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!
At least if there is a "greater depression" or some other political, economical, (or otherwise) crisis we won't starve:-) We'll all be skinny though on a diet of chives, green beans, and strawberries:-)

Speaking of plants and flowers reminded me of someone. Valerie what was her name again? Posies? Dandelion? Daisy? I'll just call her flower! :-)

I didn't have any other huge projects yesterday, although I did make bread for the GK class...somehow I took it out too early and it was not fully cooked. Oh well. Makes a good breakfast for us!

Then of course we went to the Wiebracht's house. It is so CUTE! This is the "tea room" where we had our dinner.

They have an incredibly beautiful landscaped yard. I forgot to put the picture on of their view. It was so neat, you could see the Burton's huge house up there on the hill with binoculars. You can also see the cross that is way up on that hill.

The laker's fan:-) Mrs. Wiebracht was talking about how much she loves the team, and someone asked her if she had a jersey....she went back to their room and came out wearing this.

There were lots of really funny stories going on. I'll have to tell you guys about some of them when I'm not would take forever.

We had a very good time talking about the Lord, the Philippines, Mossyrock, their house, self sufficiency, (Mrs. Holborn has a grain mill Mommy!) gardening, and lots and lots of stories.

That's it for now. I need to go milk my poor sheep. She didn't get milked last night because it was so late when we got home, and I can't figure out why the electricity isn't working in the barn. Anyway, I hope that all the family reading this has a very fun time at the wedding today! I'll be back tonight, or tomorrow morning depending on how late it is:-) When miss sleepy head gets up she'll blog too! We don't understand each other. LOL! She thinks I'm crazy to get up at 4:30 and I think she's crazy to get up a 8:00. In my humble opinion: What a way to waist a day! :-) It works out well though, I get a little lonely, but I usually just do all the morning chores, and she does a lot of the evening ones.


quadgranny said...

Boy, I get tired just reading about all your accomplishments.
Very ambitious girls I would say.

Have loved seeing your blogs and all the neat things you are doing.
What all goes into the paper making??? Very interesting.

So nice you have been able to have dinners with such nice people. Loved their back yard. Seeing your blog sure makes me miss you all.

Good to be self sufficient. You will have to teach papa Bob and Meemom how to do that. Love you
more than all the green beans and strawberries ever grown, Meemom

Lydie said...

Hi Meemom!

Well, the way we make paper is:

1 in the blender mix grass, old recycled paper of any sort (could even be newspaper or soaked cardboard) and we put little purple flowers in it too,

2 fill a plastic bin with water, and make some frames out of something with pantie hoes or window screen stapled over it.

3 Poor your paper pulp into the bin of water and dunk your screens in. The pulp that accumulates on the top is your paper.

4 Take out your frame and squish as much water as you can out of it with a sponge. Take the paper off of the mold and then just hang them up to dry:-)

I miss you all too, I wish there could have been a way for us to see you!

Love you more than whatever the temperature is there in Phoenix times 10 :-)

Momma said...

Love your posts! Thanks so much! Boy, those cookies sure look good! I think I could live quite happily on strawberries, green beans and Caroline's cookies:)

I can't wait to smell the lilac and rain soap! Two of my favorite smells! You might have to hide them when we return!

Looks like a blast with the Wiebracht's, Holborn's and Smith's. I bet you had a lot of laughs. Love the "action" shots of the lively conversation !

Valerie loved the photo of the sheep . . . . by the way, she says her name is "Rosie"!!!!!!!!!!!

The paper is awesome . . . however, you'll need to post another photo of the finished product . . . the blog moderator had to remove the previous one with our address on it:) :) :) :)

Lydia, I am sooooooo very proud of your green bean plant . . . and all the other plants that you have done an AMAZING job at raising from seedlings. You are truly on your way to being a master gardener! And thanks to you, no matter what happens, we definitely won't go hungry:) :) :)

Caroline, good job for doing your math! I am very, very proud of you! I'm sure your sissy did hers too, right? Just because she loves it so much :(!

Keep up the awesome projects. We look forward to hearing about all you're getting in to . . .I mean, doing! (I'm really glad I wasn't there for the grass-in-the-blender-without-the-lid-on incident! )

I love you dearly!
Your Momma

Lydie said...

Thank you so much for your comment momma! That was really stupid of me to put the picture of the paper with our address on it! Oh dear. I wasn't thinking!

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