Thursday, May 20, 2010

What do you do with yourself for 17 hours?

Not that there isn't enough to be done, that's for sure. The only struggle I had today was deciding what things should be done today, which ones to save for later, and which ones to just get over with. Actually I rather enjoyed doing laundry and dishes today. I think I have come to the astonishing conclusion as to why that was:-) It is this simple fact...I'm in charge:-) It's especially fun to do house chores when you are in charge of the house! Besides that, I can hardly stand to have dirty dishes stacked all over the counter. ANYWAY...sorry for the rambling...

This is Lydia by the way ;0) You probably noticed with all the ":-)" I like to do:-) :-)

Soooo...interesting experiment #1 ~ Paper making

This was a success! I enjoyed the process and Caroline thinks it would be a fun project for her too, so we will make some more together tomorrow. On a side note you have to use a blender to get the grass to a nice pulp. Lets just say it was probably a good thing I waited to try this until a minimum amount of folks to stress out were in the house. Once I forgot to put the lid on when I started the blender. You can probably guess what happened. It looked quite the same as if someone walked Angel in the kitchen..(For anyone reading this post who is not acquainted with our sweet "Angel," she's a llama. I think that pretty much explains it.

Caroline spent a good amount of time buried in math books. Good job sissy!

Interesting experiment #2 ~ Skirt with not-actually-so-impossible-to-work-with flowy fabric

I have been anxious to see what that skirt pattern that I have liked so much would look like with light and extremely thin fabric. I found this materiel buried in that big pile, and thought I'd give it a go. Although it was different, and a little tricky, everything went just fine.

Well, here it is. The hem and elastic still need to be done. I'm putting that off until tomorrow. I hope it doesn't look too much like something you would only wear to a that case I hope I won't be wearing it anytime soon...

Interesting experiment #3 ~ A basic white bread with blueberries and cinnamon

I have wanted to get a recipe for good blueberry bread to toast for breakfast for a while, and well, I couldn't find a recipe anywhere. You know me. Even if I had found a recipe I probably would have changed it a considerable amount anyway. This is Mrs. Jerke's white bread with a handful of blueberries and a TB of cinnamon added. (Are you not proud of me for measuring the cinnamon?) I am guessing that Valerie rolled her eyes as she read that:-)I made 'rain' soap this morning, and even managed to remember to take pictures of it. But then I forgot to add them, and momma I know you know how difficult it is to put pictures on in the middle of a post. So, pictures of rain soap will be posted tomorrow:-)
That's it for interesting experiments. I did many other things today like washing soap dishes...I didn't think you would want to see pictures of that. I decided to write a poem while Caroline was doing math. Here it is:


Perseverance, most easily said, not done,
Is keeping your promises, to the very last one.

It is determination to finish the task,
Only your best, that’s all I can ask.

In spite of discouragement,
To keep on trying,
In spite of failure,
And hope that is dying.

To endure through the trials,
And stand strong in the fight,
To bear it to the end,
And always do what’s right.

Never loose your courage,
Ask God to take away your stress,
Failure leads to learning,
Which then leads to success.

Grow from bad experiences;
Do not give up hope,
Perseverance is a choice,
And God will help you cope.

Work hard with patience,
Be diligent in all,
Though you may be ridiculed,
Listen only to His call.

I guess you could call that an interesting experiment. I'm not a poet, that's for sure. I had to look up what rhymes with what on certain things. Cope was the only reasonably normal word I could turn up that rhymed with hope:-(

Mr. Holborn came to get us at 4:45, and we had a WONDERFUL time at their house WITH the Jerkes. It was a pleasant surprise to be able to spend the evening with them as well. The meal was delicious, followed by homemade blackberry pie.

Pic is such a good dog! He's so well trained. Quite opposite from our dogs.
I think I'm tired. Just before posting this I tried to put my camera's battery into the camera card slot on the laptop. Ughhh. Shrug.

Well, that's it for now folks, hope you enjoyed it! Love you and miss you all dear family! Give Timmy and Joe a bunch of hugs and kisses for me!

Hey everyone this Caroline. Hope everybody had a good day on the road!
Well as you know I am the not as good of a journalist as Lydia so what I write will probably sound pretty dumb. Like I am just listing off stuff that I did today (so be prepared to get bored). :o)
Well anyway, I slept in to about 8:15ish, I guess it wasn't really sleeping in for me though. ( By the way Lydia is CRAZY waking up at 4;30 every morning!) I then went downstairs and enjoyed Berry Colosal Crunch for breakfast. Yummy! Thanks Mommy!

Then I went outside to feed the goats, spit face, and the other llama. And took Sunny along to go cut down some Alder branches for the goats to eat.

I then worked on some math for about an hour and a half or so. ( Just because I love it so much. :o) Then I went upstairs and tried to memorize more of Psalms 119. ( I would really like memorize the whole chapter.) After that, I started another book.
I then ate tuna fish for lunch and of course a slice of Lydie's yummy bread with LOTS of butter on it. Then Lydie and I worked on the clothes together, and then looked at some songs to do for church. Then I took a shower. After that I looked up what sugar does and can do to your body. Yikes! Then I practiced piano for about an hour or so. Then did more clothes and finished up the dishes from lunch. Fun! Got ready to go over to the Holborns. Had a good time. Came home and walked the dogs and fed them. Then cleaned up the lovely "present" Anna left us. Did more clothes and played piano for another 30 minutes or so, and here I am now!
Well good night everybody and sweet dreams!


LEE said...

love the Perseverance poem. You girls really amaze me.

I have often thought the ling stuck on the dryer would make great paper. It is already spread evenly on the filter. Only problem is how do you get it off the filter without disturbing it.

Love you all more that all the grass clippings in the world,

Lydie said...

I read on the web somwhere that you can use lint to make paper...but I guess you would have to mix it with something else for it to be sturdy enough. I like the idea of making useful things out of garbage:-)
Love you more than all the lint that accumulates on everyone's lint filters every day!!!

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