Friday, May 21, 2010

A few things...

By the way, this is what we came home to after the Holborn's dinner. Guess who was the culprit?

Vicdordia! Idn't dat just adordable? Vicdordia! (For those that are very confused, that's my best go at typing Valerie's Anna language.)

Mr. Holborn told us all about what happened on (Wednesday?) night. It is hard to believe, and very sad. It actually happened right at that gravel curve off the road where the Mossyrock Pond sign is right after the cemetery turn. Maybe you'll recognize the picture. Anyway, it was a group of (drunk) kids. Several 20 something boys and a 15 YEAR OLD GIRL.

They came from the direction of the Jerke's, and flew right across (where there's that sharp turn) and into that little grass area, then straight into the pole. This is the incredible part though. The pole SPLIT many feet off of the ground. That's why we were out of power for 1o hours, and also why we did not have phone or email use. I do not know how badly they were hurt. In my opinion it would be a miracle if they didn't walk away with some serious injuries.
This is the new pole

And the old pole, or rather part of it.

On a lighter note, here's the soap that I made!


LEE said...

Soap look great. i am really enjoying all the soap you sent me. Only problem is the bees that think I am just a big flower.

Love you so very much,

Lydie said...

Awwe! A flower. That's cute:-) Just don't wear any bright colors or the humming birds might start attacking yout too!
Love you Grandpa!!!

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