Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Youth Fair 2010 Part I

Happy Fair Face

Camping out at the fairgrounds
is always a fun part of the fair experience!
Kyle and Lydia enjoyed exploring the fairgrounds
and surrounding areas during some "down time". This picture was taken out at the demolition derby field. Playing at the campsite before the fair officially began.

Time to go into the fair! Woo hoo!

Timmy practicing for his rodeo career ;-)

Caroline and Victoria helped show some friends' goats.

Lydia entered a poem she wrote
and put it in this frame with two photos that she took.
Look At the Trees

The handiwork of God, who can measure?
Look at the trees, what a beautiful treasure!
To think that He would care so much for you and me,
To give us the shade from the leaves that we see.

The glory of God, the trees they all show,
Look at its branches and how the leaves grow.
To think that He made them, just for our pleasure,
Look at the trees! What a beautiful treasure!

The compassion of God, a home for the raven,
For so many animals, the trees are their haven.
To think that He loves the animals so,
And much more does He love me, this I can know.

The deep love of God, His only Son on a tree
He died for the sins that mar and stain me.
To think that God made it, the tree for His Son,
He watched that tree grow, the exact one.
Look at the tree! A sacrifice given,
Now a new life for all of us to live in.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Timothy's cookies (his very first fair entry)
won a first place ribbon!
Lydia's fudge and Valerie's Caramel Creme Sandwich cookies
won champion ribbons!

Valerie also entered (not pictured):
Butterscotch cookies, sour cream apple bars,
pumpkin apple bread, applesauce-banana-cinnamon muffins,
oatmeal-cranberry-white chocolate chip cookies
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Caroline entered some very delicious lemon bars
that won a first place ribbon.
Victoria entered the checkerboard cake
shown in the lower left corner of the photo.
Daddy said it was the best cake he had ever tasted . . .
even better than a Costco cake!
And it sure looked great!
She also made chocolate cookies with chocolate glaze
and a marachino cherry on top!
Caroline made the chocolate swirl cookies in the photo.
They were delicious and quite complicated to roll and cut:)
Not pictured, are her "Chocolate Rasberry Creams". Yum!
Lydia won a champion ribbon for her blueberry muffins!
She also entered (not pictured),
cinnamon bread, banana bread,
blueberry/blackberry oatmeal bars,
blondies, frosted chocolate brownies,
and canned strawberry jam!
Valerie's cross-stitch is on the left.
Victoria's cross-stitch is on the right.
Lydia's soaps are in the farm tin.
Valerie also entered an adorable cross-stitched book mark (not pictured).
Valerie and Lydia entered their sheep collection
and won a "special award" ribbon.
Lydia crocheted the blanket in the back and won a "Champion" ribbon.
One of Valerie's skirts is next to it, and won a "Reserve Champion" ribbon.
The blue skirt is Lydia's, and the pink tier skirt is Valerie's
and the multi-colored tier skirt is Victoria's.
All won first place ribbons!
Kyle entered a wooden puzzle destroyer and fighter that he assembled.

Kyle made a catapult from scratch and also entered one of his baskets.
His catapult won a "special award" ribbon.


Kelley said...

I love, love, love this post and pictures!!

Looks like a lotta fun and big accomplishments. Huge fun to see you all too!

Love, love, love you all!!!
Aunt Kelley

Heather said...

You guys are incredible!! Wow! You have been very busy. I am so proud of all of you.

Love you so much!
Aunt Heather

quadgranny said...

Congratulations to all of you for being so productive and creative!!!

Looks like a alot of prizes were earned.

The pictures are all so good. Timothy and Joseph have such big pretty smiles!!!

Looks like the girls did a good job showing animals for other people.

Love you all LOTS,


Kelley said...

You know it just dawned on me...when I checked back to see if there was a new post...and I read the title of the picture of Joseph...Happy Fair Face... I thought wow...I would take a Happy Fair Face over a Fair Happy Face anytime of the day!!!

der... not much sleep here. Sorry for the silly-willies. :)

Love you all!
Aunt Kelley

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