Thursday, May 28, 2015

Happy Birthday PapaBob and Meemom!

We had a big party tonight ;-),
celebrating both PapaBob and Meemom's birthdays!

Just before the party began,
(like, moments before the guests were arriving ;-),
we found this . . .
Brielle decided to decorate herself with toothpaste!  
 A few of the party guests . . . .:-) 
Meemom took this picture with her Smart phone and emailed it to me!
Way to go, Mom!
We all sure love Richie!
Benny couldn't wait to see what was in PapaBob's gift bag!
We love you!!!!


Shiloh said...

What a lovely new look Brielle! Maybe she thought it was makeup? ;-)

Meemom said...

A very nice Birthday party!!! We sure had a good time!! Glad you are impressed with my tech savyiness Robyn. Love, Meemom

Wenni Donna said...
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Wenni Donna said...

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