Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

 Hello Friends and Family!
How are you all doing?
It's been a while since we've been around here.
We are doing very well after our little family vacation and a wonderful weekend!
I do love the specialness of Mother's Day,
but I always tell the kids that they make every day a happy day for me!!
But they sure treated me to some extra special treats over the weekend!
The fun began on Saturday night,
when we enjoyed a lovely evening at the Tevis farm. 
Oh my, this is one of our favorite things to do!!!

 The BBQ was amazing!

After our big meal, we decided to do a little "walkabout" the farm.

There are always so many fun things to see and visit!

 Then, they treated us to a delicious chocolate Costco cake!
They said it was the last one that was available when they made it to Costco . . .
so they knew it was just meant to be for us! :-)
 At the end of the evening, we had such an enjoyable time visiting around the campfire!
  On Sunday morning the kids made a wonderful breakfast of egg McMuffins,
scrambled eggs and bacon, blueberry and peach coffee cake, fruit and coffee!
They also decorated the kitchen and dining area . . .  

 Joe made a flower and a heart from legos!

 Then, we had a wonderful time at church!

 Back at home, we had fun with bubbles,
 had another wonderful BBQ dinner,
and then had a scavenger hunt!!!
 The scavenger hunt also included some extra things that they had "to do."
One of them involved some physical training by Coach Tevis! :-)


 Another thing that they had to do was "toss" the volleyball over the net four times without it touching the ground, under the watchful eye of Mrs. Tevis!

 Looking for a clue in the "vineyard!"


In the end, the teams needed to have collected 16 items from their 16 stops,
and also 11 "O's" (which represented hugs for Mom!)
They also had to have their clues solved properly,
or they had time added to the time it took them to complete the hunt.
The team with the least amount of time won!


Sarah B said...

Great Photos!!!!!

It was great to see you all at the conference!!!!

Michael Berkompas said...

The scavenger hunt was an absolute blast! Thanks again for such a fun day!!

Meemom said...

Robyn, looks like you did an excellent job on the scavenger hunt. What a fun time. Sorry we missed it. That picture of Michael suspended in mid air was quite impressive!!! Must be in pretty good shape to accomplish that feat. Love, Meemom

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