Thursday, May 14, 2015

Family Fun Vacation ~ Part 2

Hello Again Friends and Family!
Thanks for tuning in to Part 2 of our recent family vacation memories!  :-)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
If you haven't had a chance to see Part 1 just below this post,
we wrote a bit about our recent adventure to a place that holds special memories for our family,
dating back to our years in Arizona.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Since our older set of children are now young adults,
we got to thinking that this may be our last chance to visit this special place all together,
and have the fun of making new memories there with the younger set of siblings.
And with all that each of us are currently involved in individually and collectively as a family,
 we were feeling the need to have some undistracted, concentrated time together!
So, with our Uncle (Sam ;-) sending us a check recently,
we seized the opportunity to re-kindle some old memories and make some new ones,
as we made a quick dash to . . .
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We realized as we were getting ready on the first morning of our Disneyland adventure,
that unbeknownst to any of us,
the sisters had all three packed the same color shirts as the ones
I had planned for the three youngest boys!
It was fun to discover this that morning, and be color coordinated in this way!
For the photo below,
Kyle grabbed a potato chip bag that happened to be of the same color,
so he matched somewhat at least in the photo.
(We all really liked Kyle's choice for shirts, though!!!)
First up,
the Indiana Jones ride for the big kids,
and the jungle boat ride for me and the two littlest.

 Then, we all jumped on the boat for another tour through the jungle!
 Then, on to Splash Mountain!!!
It was a perfect temperature all the days we were there!
Warm, but not too hot!

 We decided to take a ride on their big paddle boat.
As we were boarding,
the Captain noticed Kyle's T-shirt and commented on their shared faith in Jesus.
Later, he came to our family and said that he would like to take the boys up to the top of the boat to the wheel so they could "help" him steer the boat and get some awesome pictures!
Such a special treat!

 Found this on Tom Sawyer's Island . . .
 Ah, the good-ole memories found at Disneyland for these four!

Disneyland . . . is for all ages!
(See couple walking toward us on the left! ;-)

 Travel all the way to Disneyland,
and Brielle wanted to see the "goaties!"
 New memories . . .
 Old memories . . .
 Something for everyone at Disneyland!

 We have an inside family joke about the teacup ride at Disneyland.
Once while Mommy was riding the teacups with some of the kids,
I had a separation anxiety/panic attack about who was watching infant Joseph.
As I was twirling around on the teacups,
I was doing charades to Daddy,
trying to ask him where Joe and his stroller went to?
In our doing charades back and forth,
as the teacup continued spinning,
I began thinking of all the "what if's" and how I would find Joseph!
Oh, it was awful!
I couldn't get off the ride fast enough,
over to Daddy,
to be reassured that Valerie was happily strolling the baby.
Now, we call the teacup ride at Disneyland,
"Teacups of Terror!"
I don't think I can ever enjoy them again!  Hee,  hee!
  Another risk one takes when riding the teacups . . . ;-)
Two sisters watching the parade  . . .

 Kyle taking the Buzz Lightyear ride very seriously!
 Very happy little girl!
 Very tired little boy!!

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Kyle Bowes said...

Oh shoot! I knew that picture was going to make it onto the blog somehow! It's lost all potential as blackmail now, at least. ;0) Now if I can just find a way to delete that one of me on the Pooh Bear ride . . . ;0)

Thanks for making these posts, Mommy! They're great!

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